Evil eye, Spells & More

Blockage in Life

Each and every one of us encountered barriers in his life for various reasons changed from one to another evil eye, a curse or witchcraft. Some are creating the obstruction themselves without knowing that, many of the obstruction created by a partner or someone close to us with …

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Evil eye and Blockade

Negative effects are manifested in daily life or during periods in life. Expressions of negative influences can have a form of inability to make Relationships or maintain them, negative feelings and lack of success in general. Such inhibitions are called "blocking". A block ca…

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Evil Eye

Myrrh and frankincense are used to cleanse the house. It was used by the Levites in the Temple to perfume and purification. Frankincense and myrrh are a known virtue in Judaism for centuries as a cleansing the house from negative energies, evil eye and witchcraft, Peac…

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