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Closure | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah


Everything in our world becomes complete when you make closure:

Just as our body requires food to function, just as our body requires sleep to wakefulness, just as day and night create 24-hour period, just as man that requires respect and honor needs to show it, just as goodness is not good without bad.

Everything in our world must be closed to be complete:

If we want to be love – we must give love, if we look for comfort – we should give comfort, if we want to get – we need to know how to give.
When we are looking for something to help us change the luck, we should give something in return. When we seek to change the luck for the better by the amulet, for us or for others, we must donate. It is important to make closure, so there will be a blessing in our request or the amulet we receive.
When I ask a donation for an amulet I make, I wish to make closure for the person who ordered the amulet.

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