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Feng Shui

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Feng Shui


Each of us felt at least one time when looking for an apartment, “at this house I’m not going to live even for free” however in another house we feel like” this house built for us “. A house gives us a good feeling warm and safe, and both of these feelings we could not explain why we feel so.Feng_Shui
Perhaps after 10 years we lived in harmony, all of a sudden we had to redesign the house drastically. This natural sensitivity and intuition is part of the theory of Feng Shui. Places and people influencing each other with their energies constitute energy fields in living rooms and workplace.
Feng shui means wind represents a living breathing permeates to all life form, water represents luck, flow and renewal. We get to know mystery, we learn the movements of energy, we learn how to arrange shapes and colors
revealed to us, the physical accessories so that the energy will support us and bring harmony and tranquility to our lives.

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Feng shui theory originally developed in China more than – 4,000 years.
This theory was use to create harmony and balance to sites such as cemeteries and palaces to allow the dead tranquility, and for the living harmony and peaceful and quality of life.
Later, this theory was used on government buildings and special important sites and finally many cities were designed built according to this theory.
Around the 90, Western countries began to implement this theory.

Understanding the theory of Feng Shui begins with awareness that creation and the universe is living thing which has power and life energy.
What we need to learn it just to listen, learn and know that everything can talk to us and talk to us and expose us to hidden things.
When we arrange our house we put in order to our lives to our minds.
Many studies have shown the relationship that exists between man and nature in which he lives and the impact of environment on man.
All existence has an energetic frequency, energy which is called by the Chinese “Qi” this is the cosmic breath. this energy flows around us and in us.
This energy is a cosmic force that fills every corner and space in the universe.


Invisible energy flows everywhere and affects our lives. Moving energy is nature.
Her movements spread and passes from place to place constantly whether we are aware or not.
Today more and more people, architects and interior designers recognize the Feng Shui theory and use it to create a pleasant and harmonious environment for people living in it.

With our attention to the movement of the “Qi” with the help of elements in nature existing in our living environment: water, wood, fire, earth and metal and nine regional areas of life Baba – Goa, you can create harmony at home and improve the quality of life.
To a good and peaceful life
To harmonious and happy life
yours Ariella