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The circle | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

The circle

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How to make the circle:
The circle is the most important part of the ceremony or incantation performed. The circle itself is an important means to protect the wizard. It is also possible to invite to the circle spiritual beings such as gods, fairies, ghosts, etc. to help your magical work. In energetic work the cycle can be used as a symbol which the brain translates as means to conversion the energy that surrounds us to an energy we can use for good or bad. In addition, the circuit itself defines the working area of the magical spell. To create a circle all you have to do is find a suitable area for your magical work to clean it and put in it all the required materials to the ceremony and then draw a circle around it with chalk or stones that mark the areas of the circle. If you want to create a circle in the house instead of the wild you can find a carpet or an old sheet or something in the style that you have no use for it, and draw on the circuit.
When you are ready to begin the spell stand inside the circle when you and your alter facing north, then see a small flame burst from the north side of the circle, then see it spreading to all parts of the circuit. When your entire circle is bright burn see a bright sphere raise as a dome from the circle, encompassing you. You can add to the circle a dedication to all sorts of entities or souls or request them to enter and protect you or help you. If at some point during the spell you need to leave the circle you should know in advance not to do so in order not to release the energy in the circle, which can result in disaster. Therefore you must take care that all things which are supposed to be a circle will be there before you begin the ceremony. If you forget something or for some reason you need to leave this cycle, you can start open your defense circle by creating an opening through which you leave, you should close the opening after setting out. When you return once more opened the entrance and Close it after entering the circle. When the ceremony ended Remember to lower the energy to the earth before opening an entrance. Just see the energy going down into the ground, and then see the dome surrounds you going down to earth and burning circle clockwise slowly shut down.