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Dominoes | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah


dominoMix the dominoes with their pace down, pick one at random, and read her according to instructions specified below. Later return it to the pile and mix again and take another stone, repeat the process again until there are three stones.
If one stone appears twice it means that the rapid fulfillment of prophecy.

The following chart interpretations:
Six / six great success
Six / Five supports
Six / Four legal proceedings, dispute
Six / Three travel, vacation
Six / two gift
Six / One removing a source of irritation and trouble
Six / friend you can’t trust

Five / five change of address
Five / Four financial gain
Five / three a visitor will bring some good advice or good news
Five / two birth
Five / One unsuccessful love affair
Five / a friend needs your help

Four / four party
Four / three unexpected success
Four / two hypocrite friend
Four / one debt you must pay
Four / settlement dispute with a friend

Three / three competing for the affection of a beloved person
Three / Two Be careful
Three / one surprising and useful information
Three / Beware of gossip and jealousy

Two / two happy marriages
Two / one financial loss
Two / new successful friendship

One / one don’t hold an important decision, decide immediately
One / more successful new friendship

The information you receive will probably be fragmented, intuition and imagination will help formulate a clear message.