Superstitions and Customs

Man has always believed in superstitions, which most of them stemmed from emotional needs and distresses. When any person is in distress, and there is no logical or practical solution available, the only way to deal with the problem is turning to faith, spells, amulets…

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Feng Shui

Feng shui theory originally developed in China more than – 4,000 years.
This theory was use to create harmony and balance to sites such as cemeteries and palaces to allow the dead tranquility, and for the living armony and peaceful and quality of life. Later, this theory was used on government buildings…

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Coffee Reading

Fortune telling is one of the antiquate crafts guessing by interpretation of remaining marks after drinking a cup of coffee. Most of them have been forgotten. Shapes that appear in the sediment person's cup after drinking from it are considered to have special meaning in fortune-telling. For residue easy…

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Stars, Signs and More

Is future prediction methods have basis in reality?
Can anyone learn to predict the future?
Is it possible to use future prediction on a daily basis?
Can we really predict the future?