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Counseling by the Kabbalah | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Counseling by the Kabbalah


Consultation by the Kabbalah – “Zohar” books

What is consultation by the kabbalah?

Well, the kabbalah is an ancient way based on several books which holds (to whom who knows how to Interpret them) many secrets about the way things are and about the people who live in this world.
This way is known for centuries in Judaism, it helps people with problems in life and it gives comfort and solutions to difficulties, many people are seeking this way to help themselves and their beloved ones.
Mr. Mizrahi is a Kabbalist (person who knows to read and interpret the Zohar books – Kabbalah), and reveal its secrets for others.
Mr. Mizrahi, an expert in practical Kabbalah for over 40 years and keeps his family line of four generations in that field.

The consulting method is based on a unique family tradition. The opening in the Zohar book (Kabbalah) allows Mr. Mizrahi to diagnose the source of a problem that could be: evil eye, blockages in life, spell, curse, inhibition, knots and locks in fate, which leads to misfortune in living, relationships, and more.
When opening in the Zohar book, you can find a way to make the right choices to solve the problem.

In order for Mr. Mizrahi to perform the counseling we need your details as follow:
First name, date of birth and mother’s first name, also we will need your questions for the counseling.

It is important to clarify;
Mr. Mizrahi does not open the Holy Book of Zohar on health issues.
He recommends resorting to conventional medicine
The answer will be given by email only,  up to five business days.

Consultation price – 120$
You can also make a bank transfer to our bank account:
Payable to Practical Kabbalah Ltd
The bank transfer details are as follow:
Name of the bank: First International Bank of Israel
Address: 12 Habanim Street Hod-Hasharon.
Bank number: 31
Branch number: 037
Beneficiary: Practical Kabbalah Ltd.
Account number: 316199
Swift code: fibilitxxx
IBAN: IL060310370000000316199

Call us for more information – (+972) 52-3250791
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