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Seals and Virtues | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Seals and Virtues


Seals, Amulets and virtues

Amulet/Seal is one of the most common known tools in the Kabbalah to recruit spiritual forces to help solve problems, protect from evil, remove sorcery, help in relationships, assist with fertility, helps to succeed, and much more.
An amulet/Seal is made out of kosher animal skin (meaning parchment the same as to what was used in the previous centuries for documents), on which written the sacred symbols and letters in purpose of using it to solve what needed solving.
In the Talmud era were Amulets/seals were written on various objects, like leaves or plants which were considered sacred, but some wrote the Amulets/seals on copper plates, silver and gold. The most common Amulet/seal is written on parchment which is used for writing Torah scrolls made out of kosher animal skin.
The parchment including mostly names of angels, god’s names, spells and incantations for different purposes.
Only few people knows how to write an Amulet/Seal according to the rules of writing and calculating the dates, hours and names of the person.
Writing an Amulet/Seal is a profession like any other professions such as doctor, engineer, carpenter etc. to know how to write an amulet/Seal, one must study for years the way of writing, the calculation needed for writing, how to fit the correct Amulet/Seal to the person and the solution to the problem.