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Dreams | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah


In this section about dreams, there are answers to questions you have always wanted to understand or ask someone
Every experience in a dream has a meaning relating to what you are going through,
or an experience you have been through.
Sometimes you will receive messages in your dream;
it will warn you from upcoming events it could be good news or bad news.
We don’t always know how to interpret the dream if we knew then things would be different.

The all about dreams. What the symbols in dreams? What is lucid dream? Why do we dream?Have you ever dreamt that you are falling from somewhere or running away from something or someone?
Have you ever dreamt about an animal or an insect?
Dreamt about people who have passed away?
What is the meaning and interpretation about the dream?
What is the message in your dream?
Have you always wanted to understand the meaning of your dream?