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King Solomon’s Seals

King Solomon’s intelligence and wisdom was well known. He spoke the language of animals, the language of demons, the language of spirits, and the language of angels. In his great wisdom, he wrote keys and seals to control the wills of both demons and the angels and to cause them to do his bidding. In

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Releasing Spirits from the House

Frequently we feel that we are not alone in our house. Sometimes there is a feeling that someone is watching us, or we discern a shadow passing by, seen out of the corner of our eye. Sometimes for no reason we feel a shiver or even the sensing of a caress. Sometimes objects disappear and

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Hamsa for Protection

Hamsa A lucky talisman which shaped like a hand, also known as a protector against the evil eye. Origins in the Arab countries and has no connection to Judaism at all. Hamsa is also called “the Hand of Fatima”, Muhammad’s daughter. Hamsa symbolizes the five commandments of Islam, which are: Walking to Mecca at least

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