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Hidden senses | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Hidden senses


Seen the Aura

Here are seven exercises for seeing auras

The exercises should be performed without obsession, be relaxed, calm, without an effort.

The exercises are designed to gradually develop the ability to diagnose aura in all life as a rule, you should not reinforce your eyes

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The Intuition

Have you ever thought about someone just before he rang you on the phone?
Ever feel that something is going to happen and indeed it did happen soon after you felt it?
Have you ever used the term “gut feeling?”
Sixth sense? Mysticism? Coincidence that repeats itself?

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The Chakras

Our body’s energy porters

Every person has a karma relationship with his past and future, even when we were in our previous incarnation a person chooses…

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