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Demons and Spirits | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Demons and Spirits



According to Jewish belief, the demons were created on the sixth day in the afternoon. The demons are messengers from hell, their appearance is just like any normal person, but their legs are chicken feet, there are demons whose legs are legs of a goat. The role of demons in our world is to frighten the person, try to damage him, particularly mental damage. In the demons and ghosts section we’ll tell you stories about Demons and ghosts and how to defend yourselves or identify them. Stories of demons from Judaism, Fairy tales from other religions saying demons are actually evil spirits straying in closed places or areas for example cemeteries, haunted houses and more . The classical way to locate demons in the house (even if we do not know or are sure that they exist there) is to spread some flour around the bed when going to bed and look in the morning and try to identify measures of chicken. Of course there are many signs by which we can identify demons such as movement of objects, a sense of a chill for no reason, unexplained loss of objects and more, I will bring details later on about other phenomena. In the Mediterranean there are common ways to defend yourself against demons, ghosts and spirits: The known Arab Hamsa (shaped like a hand), the color blue painted on the doors or walls of houses, braid of garlic or scary-looking masks.