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Agreement / Clarification | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Agreement / Clarification

Agreement / Clarification between: Yitzhak Mizrahi and / or Beit Haruhot L.T.D., and the client and / or the purchaser and / or user

Know that Yitzhak Mizrahi and / or Beit Haruhot L.T.D.. deals with marketing Kabbalah materials, amulet and consulting in the field of practical Kabbalah. The products and / or materials and / or amulets are intended only for people who understand and believe! All materials and / or any part of practical Kabbalah has not been proven scientifically or else! Know that any practical Kabbalah treatment accepted does not replace conventional therapy and / or medical care or other professional treatment. The consultation is given only according to personal knowledge! Not obtainable as complete certainty. Must know that only a strong desire and full belief of the client will likely get the results you want. Know that the customer is responsible for the results of treatment.
For avoidance of doubt, Yitzhak Mizrahi and / or Beit Haruhot L.T.D. will not be responsible for the results of treatment and / or results of use of Kabbalah materials and / or amulet. For the avoidance of doubt, you must know that the chance that the treatment will fail. must know that you cannot cancel an order of Talismans and / or used materials, or anything done in writing by name.