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Aries | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah


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Aries is the first astrological sign in the Zodiac. Aries people are courageous, independent and adventurers. Always ready to contest and challenge. They are strong, optimistic, impulsive and smart persons. They recover quickly from difficult experiences and cope successfully with difficult or varying situations. Aries people are active and initiative, honest and think deeply. Usually, they have an attractive appearance and great personal charm. They share good conversation, although sometimes they may be straight to the rudeness. They may tell little white lies sometimes, but hate fraud and dual meaning. They tend to extravagant ideas and actions, and may show impatience with slower people. They tend to show off their skills and accomplishments, and it is difficult for them to accept criticism. Sometimes they have sudden anger outbursts, which they know to restrain fast and they are not holding a grudge. Aries people are sensitive and have a special sense of distinction. It is very difficult to lead them astray. They are endowed with remarkable predictive power and capabilities of second sight. People born under the sign Aries are ambitious, full of positive aggression, and usually are very successful at the career they chose. They can succeed mainly in business, painting, sculpture, literature and music. They are unable to work if they are subject to someone else, and become angry and argumentative persons if their job is boring and routine. Aries people strive to material success and glory, but sometimes are disappointed when the reality does not meet their expectations.
In romance, they are full of emotion, but can also control their emotions. They need the physical warmth and spiritual partnership. They may be romantic, and usually they are loyal to their spouses.
Physical sensitivity – Usually, their health is strong, but may suffer from headaches, earaches and toothache.
The gemstones of the Zodiac sign of Aries are jasper, chaledony and onyx.