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Copy exactly the chart below on a 10×10 wood panel. Fill in the names on the marked space. Drip 7 drops of red candle on the other side of the board, and put it in the couple’s closet. This talisman will bring the couple peace and love.

Evil eye amulet designed to protect spouses, especially children

Typically, it is customary to make this amulet for children, to protect them from strangers jealousy and anxieties, but is also good for spouses. For details, please contact me directly.

A talisman for strengthening potency

Take an animal penis (bull, lamb, goat, deer or any other animal), cook with almonds and add lots of garlic and some red wine, without extra spices. Divide to 7 servings, and every night eat one serving.

A talisman for strengthening potency and increasing fertility

Make a mixture from the following ingredients:
1 garlic clove
5 unroasted almonds
Pinch of salt
Pinch of cinnamon
Tablespoon olive oil.

Grind all together and then add a teaspoon of royal honey (Royal jelly). Mix everything together and eat the mixture every evening for a week.

A talisman for peace between married couples or singles

Take two small bells in silver or gold. Drip 7 drops of blue candle around the inside part of each bell. Tie the bells with a red string. Glue the first letter of the couple’s names on top of each bell and hang in a the bedroom for 21 days.