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Love | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah


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Myrrh and frankincense are used to purify the house and the people that live there. Myrrh and frankincense were used by the Levites for perfuming and purification of the Temple. In judaism, myrrh and frankincense have been known for centuries as a talisman that is used to cleanse the house from negative energies, evil eye and witchcraft. Bringing peace and calm, put one tablespoon of myrrh and frankincense into a metal bowl. Heat it on the stove until the mixture is fuming. Walk into every room with the bowl and stay there at least one minute, until the wonderful scent of the perfume is distributed to the entire room. It is highly recommended to repeat this action once a month, after the new moon. Myrrh and frankincense can be purchased at our online store.

Love talisman (A talisman for keeping love)

This talisman is designed to keep the love and faithfulness of your spouse and empower it. If you feel that your relationship is undermined, this talisman is for you.
Write on a white handkerchief your spouse’s name, your mother ‘s name and your Hebrew birth of date. Disperse some grains of thought stone and hound stone (Blue stone) on the handkerchief. Place on the scattered grains pictures of the couple (preferably a common picture) and cover with another handkerchief, which are written in details of spouse. Note that the details are facing to the image. Then, sew the handkerchiefs’ edges with a red string. Carefully, put it on a small wood panel (plywood), like the handkerchief size, and hide in the house, in a place there is no access to it and no one can find. As long as the talisman was not discovered by others (so you want to hide it well), spouse’s faithfulness to one another will be saved and becomes stronger.

A talisman, which is designed for women to protect marriage from the evil eye

Take several leaves of hyssop, dip in honey, wrap in aluminum foil, and wrap in a white cloth. The woman should keep this small package close to her heart. She can save it in a bra, purse, or pocket for three days each month.

A talisman, which helps to forget love

Put three hairs from the woman or man, those you love and want to forget, into a small bag with salt and bury in the ground for 3 days. Then, burn the hair on a yahrzeit candle flame and say: “burn the memory of those who belong to these hairs, from my memory. Amen, amen, amen”.