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zogBefore preparing amulet or virtue, please read closure

Parity on the Jewish religion
Virtue strengthening relationship. Existing relationship only
Take 10 cm of snake slough (shed snake skin), tie one side preferably with red thread, creating a circular bag-like, put inside this bag hair (head) and nails (right hand) of the couple, add a four apple seeds eaten by one spouse, write on a kosher parchment the names of the couple and the names of their mother. On the other side of the card write “blessed them and will be one. Amen Selaa.” Tie the other side with red thread. Lay in hiding for 7 days minimum, and then burry it in the ground at least 25 cm deep.
This virtue is known to have great power to strengthen marital life. It must be done accurately; otherwise, it could cause disunity or conflict.
How will your spouse look like? For women Only
Special virtue for young women interested in seeing how their future partner will look like. That is a known virtue for many years among the Jews of Spain and I don’t know how it started or how much is accurate, but it is practice among the Jews of Spain to watch a girl’s partner for a long time relationship which is not fulfilled.
What is required to predict a partner?
Take a bowl 20/30 cm-diameter, one-third height of water in the bowl, one-third cup olive oil. Pour the olive oil in the bowl with water in 7 pouring. Put seven garlic cloves around the bowl. The girl (woman) who is interested to see her future partner’s face, looks at the oil bowl above a distance of about 20 cm, till she sees all her face. After about 5 minutes or less, a gray or white fog will begin showing in the oil, and in the fog the partner’s figure will appear. There are similar ways to what is written here, in each community slightly but the different but the way specified here is the basis for everyone.
My mother used the remains of the oil from candlesticks. I don’t suggest married women try this virtue. It may bring bad luck to their relationship
Virtue for man to keep the marriage frame
This virtue is used in Judaism for hundreds of years, the man has to urinate through his wedding ring in a full moon night (Rosh Chodesh) Repeat this for 3 months

Incantation to strengthen woman’s love
It is recommended to do this late at night: take a teaspoon of salt, throw into a fire (possible stove) and whisper “I take from (name of wife and her mother) the opposition and fear, love me with all her heart with strong love, be always beside me and love me as long as she lives. Amen, amen, amen”. Advisable to repeat the whole process, for 3 consecutive nights

Silver Star amulet – finding a mate
This amulet has long known power to find a good partner for singles
This amulet makes attraction of the opposite sex. You need: silver star (or silver color) with a hole along, the edge of a black crow feather, and a letter of your first name. Put in the black crow’s feather into the silver stars hole, write on paper one letter from your first name (paste to the silver star with a drop of red candle wax) and carry the star in your purse or pocket.