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Cancer | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah


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Cancer people are emotional, romantic, intelligent and imaginative. Usually, they have an interest in mysticism and various occult theories, many of them also endowed with supersensual perception ability. They have great respect for logic and facts, but sometimes act in a completely intuitive way. They dislike disagreements, and will do everything they can to avoid conflicts. Brutal or offensive attitude towards them can really taint their mood. Although they themselves are suppress people and do not disclose their feelings and thoughts, other people tend to pour out their hearts to Cancer persons, and get help by their sympathy and understanding. They are honest, easily excited, able to cope with their mistakes and learn the lesson. It is difficult for them mentally to release mistakes they have done. They are unusually critical towards themselves, and judge themselves wrongly and harshly. For people who were born under Cancer sign, it is very difficult to feel a real confidence feeling, and many of them need to accumulate money and property, as a defense against their instability sense. They are frugal persons and have a tendency to save and store items, such as old letters and books. They respect history and tradition. Many of them have very detailed memories, and they enjoy to remember small events of the past. Cancer people may look powerful and flexible outward, but in fact they are specifically sensitive. Hard look or unpleasant comment can easily hurt them and cause them to withdraw themselves immediately. Canse people have a sense of humor, they are wonderful conversation partners and able to express their original ideas clearly. They have a tendency to sink into a deep depression and melancholy and suffer from extremely dissatisfaction with life. They need their family unit support – a place where they can feel protected when external events cause them shock. They are gentle, considerate and understanding, but very reserved and difficult to trust others. however, when the obstacle was breached, they create a long term good relationships.
Cancer persons can succeed as antique dealers, historians, archaeologists, actors, doctors and teachers.
They like to be home and devoted to the family, but sometimes they need to take time and focus on themselves, otherwise preoccupation in others’ businesses and needs may hinder their personal development.
Physical sensitivity – They might be adversely affected by digestive and stomach diseases.
The gemstones of the Zodiac sign of Cancer are emerald and chalcedony.

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