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Defenses against demons | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Defenses against demons

One common way to identify the demons in the house is to dissolve flour around the bed before going to bed, in the morning to check claims of chicken legs or goat. Thisis a well-known way since the Middle Ages, for there is a belief that demons have a chicken or goat legs. Unlike demon, according to Jewish faith and Scripture evil spirit is an entity created Friday at Twilight. All the demon’s role is to disrupt human life on earth. Demons could not physically harm any person all they can do is intimidated or cause bad luck in the house they reside in. What are the signs for demons at home?
The most common sign is the disappearance of objects for no reason and to find them somewhere else after a while (sometimes a few days) it is customary to say about the lose object: the demons took it.
Other signs for demons, light breeze when the windows and doors are closed and there is no reason for the entry of wind. A funny smell (usually unpleasant) that appears and disappears without reason. Steady things fall and break for no reason, as if an unseen hand pushed them. Cleavage of glassware without reason, opening or closing of doors and windows (especially at the cabinet doors.) demons reside usually most of the day at home in the toilet room, but they are not active during the day. In the Middle Ages it was known that demons do not like to be close to any kind of metals, so the likelihood of demons in

Modern homes are now low because it or room in every home today has a high percentage of metal than ever but there are other houses or rooms in homes that have no metals of any kind at all these places is likely to have higher breast. huts or wooden warehouses are an ideal place for demons , so there is a belief in a horse’s hoof with 7 holes Charm against demons is the evil eye. In many villages in Europe to date blow horseshoe over the door or warehouse if it is built of wood