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Satan | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah




Since ancient times the world is divided into two parts, the good part and the bad. Represents the good part is God Almighty, which controls all, death and life. The devil represents the evil part. He has various nicknames like, angel of death, evil inclination etc. Christianity believe that Satan rebelled in God and God threw him to the ground. In every religion there is a good representative, for example the Chinese poaon represents evil fighting Tian the good God.

The Egypt’s believed that the evil is Latiphon fighting the good God Osiris day and night. Persians believed Ahariman is evil god that brings all the evil spirits and sickness to the world is responsible for diseases and pains of human beings. Muslims Jews and Christians believe that Satan is evil representing wickedness and God represents compassion and goodness. Around the fourth century, the devil gets more concrete figure in the Christian world, represented as a cartoon goat or horse legs, a long thin tail and a triangular tassel ends with small wings like the wings of an owl or billy goat horns. Satan’s job is to mingle with humans gain their trust and enslave them.

Satanism is in fact the opposite to the ordinary Christian mass. Satanism has always been identified with orgies, violence and cruel (to human sacrifices), black masses are actually mocking the standard Christian mass that are known for thousand years at least. There are books from the 18 century contains in detail and describe the black masses of devil workers. Ceremonies are full of brutality among others cook in boiling water a living black cat or a black cock. The soup created from those animals is drunken by Mass participants as part of communing with Satan, after uprooting the animal’s eyes, tongues and hearts dry them, make them into powder. with this powder writing magical letters using sacred wine as ink. In black Mass the priest’s robe decorated with paintings of naked women, pigs or goats. Satanism has atrocious sexual acts, tempting young girls or nuns, gang-raped on the altar of all participants at Mass and finally with the high priest afterwards the girl or nun is sacrificed to the devil.
We find similar ceremonies in different religions but they are not necessarily Satan’s work. The theory of Tibetan believers in “wazrina” based their ceremonies on mysticism and magic. In those ceremonies not only sex and orgies but did so with the bodies of dead women as part of communion with the spirit of the deceased. The Shamans and Mongols are also believers of the ancient Tibetan religion called Bon, their ceremonies of healing and burial rituals included ceremonial sacrifices of various animals and even human sacrifices and their prayers have reached a state of orgasm.
One of the most famous books printed in the 15th century called witches hammer mentioned the exact way how the witch should have sex with a demon.
One of the most famous figures in the 16th century in witchcraft area is the Transylvania Princess Elizabeth Btory, who learned the practice of sorcery from one of her servants, in this way she became familiar with the cult of blood to her opinion she invented the solution to young fresh skin, the solution was a blood bath made out of young girls, The blood bath was to be done after a mass orgy. Number of male servants of the princess tempted young women from the kingdom to get to the palace and serve the princess, after they managed to convince them to come to the palace they disappeared, which later turned out they were slaughtered and their blood served as the Princess’s famous baths.

There are rituals to bond with God is through repeated sexual orgasm until the body becomes weary and all that is done by participants and the High Priest.
During these ceremonies the participants whose job was to stimulate the high priest to weariness then to drink wine mixed with the seed of the high priest to increase their spiritual abilities to contact the dead to predict the future. One of the dark sides of witchcraft rituals was the voodoo theory; religion of Haiti that was imported in the 16th century by African slaves who were kidnapped in Africa. Haitians still believe that the spirit of the god of snack Dmaaballa is rolling into the figure of scared Irish Saint Patrick’s. They believe that our world is a world of imagination and a transition into the world of truth and the Spirit. The ritual itself is used to harm others use mainly bad spirits as intermediary between the devil and the sorcerer.