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Common Dreams | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Common Dreams



There are a lot of common dreams that repeat themselves and appear in large number of people. Usually dreams of desires, fears and repressed frustrations. It is important to remember that when we dream the subconscious is trying to arouse our attention and should not resist the dream. We have to identify the characters or symbols in a dream to except them with understanding and not fear.

Types of dreams:

Nightmares – Senseless frightening dream or something that we repressed affects us negatively, we remember the bad dream and usually arise with panic or fear or with a cold sweat.
Example: A person who dreams that an animal bits him in the neck, the bite was really tangible so that every time he woke up in alarm, as he analyzed the dream he realized that the animal represents himself and the neck expresses his inability to express himself as he would like or need Causing self-destruction. When he realized the significance he solved the problem and the dream vanished and he never dreamt it again.

Sexual dream – there are a large number of dreams about sex. These dreams usually indicate a need to balance the male and female who are in every person, making sex in a dream represents a fusion of negative and positive energies

Sexual contact with a non-familiar person – when the contact is with male, male energies merges us. When the contact is with a woman the merger is with feminine energy.

Contact with a know person – when the dream with a person whom we know we put in self-attributes that we associate a particular person, regardless sexuality.

Sexual contact with a family member – if the contact is with the father or mother does merge the nurture features, the more intelligent than the male or female self, in contact with his child is the integration of the most childish or younger self

Sexual intercourse with orgasm – indicates a desire to release physical energy this is the body’s way to regain balance and energy balance.

Direction dreams – the direction of the walk or ride shows us if we are in the right direction or retreat.
For example – climbing mountain or steps you are advanced in the right direction
Down stairs – your way is incorrect, please check the daily moves
Up and down – your energy is dispersed necessary to concentrate
Walking Right – You follow your intuition and feelings
Walking to the left – You are calculated and follow the logic.

Dreams of flying – these dreams usually interpreted consciously you are outside the body. If you can be in control of the dream you are free to go where you want you can switch between dimensions or think of any place and be there.
If you are flying then lose height or about to crash – this means you are afraid to explore and advance and break boundaries.

Repeated dreams – those dreams have a message that we cannot understand, they can be frightening dreams meant lack of dealing with a particular situation or dreams about walls that indicates a limitation that we forced ourselves, you may want to handle recurring dream and understand it in order not to repeat Itself

Dreams about snakes – it is very common that people dream about snakes, snakes are a symbol for power they represent energies and life force, or health status.
For example, snakebite, snake strangled throat to the point of suffocation is the inability to express in words our feelings and needs, low self-esteem and lack of verbal expression of emotions.

WC dreams – these dreams represent the way we handle our inner garbage, can we let unnecessary thoughts and experiences to go out? Can we leave that the past in its place or live it again every time.
Clogged toilet – means that we cling to negative things, we must examine what they are.

Dreams about blood and murder – Blood in a dream means energy loss, when stabbed in an organ you should pay attention in which place the stabbing is and which chakra that is compatible so that we can understand where we lose the energy if we murdered someone or been killed means that we are killing some of our self.

Dreams about death – death means an end to something old and start something new, rarely death dream means real death, death points to the death of an essential part of our renewal process. sometimes growth suppression of strong emotion can cause a dream of death.

Dreams of pursuit and escape – someone pursuing after you in your dream or you are trying to escape means that you avoid looking at the problem you have.
When we cannot run or move slowly – this means that soon we will have to deal with the issue or fear which we avoided dealing.
When we are persecuted in our dream – means that we put ourselves in situations of pain and unnecessary suffering or someone else worries.