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Dream interpretation | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Dream interpretation




Dreams may appear in any shape, and use any symbols or story line imaginable. Feeling and understanding the meaning of symbols is important for understanding the dream and the solutions. To interpret a dream we first need to write the dream in great detail in order to remember everything from it, and then make a list of all symbols you recognized and their meaning aside.
Sometimes we find answers in the dream that we wouldn’t like to hear even though we knew within ourselves that that’s how it should be or done, sometimes we get a warning about the oppression of ourselves and sometimes we get an interpretation of our big desire for something, that is why it is important to interpret as many prominent symbols as we can in order to understand the sequence and in which period we dream those dreams.

Each image in the dream has a symbolic message. The most terrifying are fear images, there are oppressed fears acquired in childhood that over the years arouse in the dream or in a state of meditation. It is important to remember that fear is a form of negative thought, when we take their power they will have no effect on us and the dream disappears.

Usually we are afraid of the unknown or fear the non-sense. Each fear represents a barrier to our true beauty and inner spiritual experience; we have to except the images frighten us because they expose us to limited thinking and may hinder our development.