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Symbols in dreams | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Symbols in dreams

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A fancy restaurant – you are in high social status

Abandonment: you’re in a good relationship

Accident: a problem whose solution requires a lot of energy

Acorn: Watch for good news after a long wait

Ads, posters: high personal awareness and understanding the surrounding

Adultery: selfishness, betrayal of others

Agreement: You must be faithful to your principals

Air: spiritual and emotional enlightenment.

Analysis: You are not at peace with your actions

Angel: a period of high spirit, intuition and good judgments

Angry nurse – expect health problems

Ants: little trouble

Aries: Satisfaction with situation

Arrow: Expect a message

Art: Watch your ambitions fulfilled

Artist: hidden artistic abilities, artistic knowledge unused

Ashes: Watch for new beginnings

Autumn: difficult time ahead

Ax: If you are holding an ax – Financial benefits are expected

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Baby: a new beginning, a good idea

Back: a sense of warmth and security, someone is plotting against you

Backpack: emotions, contents of the bag indicates the types of emotions

Ball: a period of spiritual and physical integrity

Balloon: self-disappointment, disappointment, other people’s promises

Banana: minor difficulties you

Bank: financial problems, economic prosperity

Bathroom: Clean of negative emotions, health

Bay: pleasure, love and security

Beach: spiritual increase

Beads: good opportunities in front of you

Bees: good signs for the near future

Beggar: disappointment of friend

Bill: Receive a bill – Expect a period pangs of conscience

Bills – large successes

Billy goat: economic difficulties ahead

Bird nest: love, warmth and confidence

Birth: New options ahead of you

Black Cat – Expect a happy event

Black swans: marital problems

Blood: You’re bleeding – unnecessary energy loss

Boss: your inner critic, audio intuition

Bridge: You are standing in front of before a significant decision that will change your life, a problem you need to solve by yourself.

Broken doll – a health problem, bad luck

Broken glass – disaster will come soon

Broken Mirror – disappointment and luck of success

Broken or fall – problems you cannot solve alone

Broken toys – emotional maturity

Broken window – a spiritual problem, a failure in love

Broom: you clear negative emotions

Bubble bursting – sobering illusions

Bubble: inside your world illusions

burglar: bad  physical or emotional exploitation adversely

Burial: New Beginnings, burying the old features

Burn: excessive self-criticism, conflict with those around

Bus: You let other people dictate your way.

Butterflies: Freedom of commitment, spiritual uplift

Rainbow in the sky – a time of spiritual and material growth

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Colors (meaning) in the dream –

• Red – energy, internal force

• Gray – fear of the unknown, unclear status

• Pink – love, warmth and affection

• Gold – light and Higher awareness, divine truth

• Brown – materialism

• Green – increase spiritual growth and awareness

• Blue – high spirituality

• Silver – Spiritual Protection

• Orange – energy and serenity, peace of mind

• White – true virtue

• Purple – wisdom and knowledge

• Yellow – peace of mind, insight

• Black – the unknown, hidden

Cage: fear of failure

Cake: health, success and good fortune

Camel: financial difficulties and social problems are coming

Captain: You take responsibility

Cards: confused period, View the sudden changes

caressing: love, support and care

Carpentry (Carpenter): Expect difficulties

Carpet: material and spiritual success

Cat: someone plots to fail you

Chain: a period of obstacles in front of you

Cheese: excessive concern and unnecessary disappointment

Chewing: stubbornness, unwillingness to except help

Children: innocence, joy, naive

Chocolate: expect a happy event

Cigarette: something or someone affect you adversely

Circle: lack of material progress

Cleansing mud – recovery from illness, health

Clenched hand – anger and quarrel

Close – You missed a good opportunity

Close window – you march on the spot

Closed – Difficulty progress, problems in relationships

Closed briefcase – you are closed spiritually to your environmentally

Closet Close: Lack of motivation

Closet Open: motivation, choice, spirituality

Coffin: you bury part of  the past and start something new

Cold: insensitive to the surrounding

Color: harmony and energy

Confession: You are cleaning negative feelings and forgiving yourself you’re your mistakes

Cough: you let go negative feelings

Crack: Your secrets are about to reveal

Cracked glass – you expect help

Crown: high self-esteem

Curtain: you ignore a problem, and hiding your negative qualities from others

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Dam: emotional blockage

Dance: spiritual increase, a sense of freedom

Deafness: You dream you’re deaf – you refuse to accept responsibility or authority

Death: A New Beginning

Deer: wealth, travel and success

Demon: spiritual development

Dessert: material needs, self-concern

Detective: You are looking for answers

Diamond: expect income from an unexpected source

Digging a hole in the ground – self-searching.

Dirt: confused period in your life

Dirty hand – you are not honest with yourself

Disagreement: the inability to make a decision, indecision and lack of wholeness with actions

Disease: something is cheating on you

Disloyalty: love, fear of marital status change

Dismissal: Forces renewal

Dispose garbage – cleansing negative feelings

Doll: health, luck, harmony

Door: open – expect  many opportunities and successes

Dragon: wealth and economic prosperity

Drinking milk – Overcoming health problem

Driving: You control what is happening around you

Drowning: you drown – Expect family problems

Dumb person: you do not express yourself correctly

Dying: You can’t keep your promises

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Eagle: high spiritual power, a sense of freedom, excepting responsibility

Earrings: Play your intuition

Earthquake – affected psychologically, a period of confusion.

East: a new romantic beginning

Eating fish – shows happiness and prosperity

Eating: education, concern, lack of knowledge

Eavesdropping: Listening to the conversation of others – expect changing good luck

Echo: Expect  a message from friend or relative

Elephant: Use your life experience

Embrace: Self-love and nurturing

Enemy: luck is being ready for the chance.

Engagement: unrequited love, separation

Escape: a problem chasing you (see Common Dreams)

Evening: concern for the future

Execution: a new beginning in life separation of old qualities

Explosion: a big problem is expected in your marital life

Eye: high spiritual awareness, the ability to clairvoyance

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Face: Dealing with a close problem

Failure: success and self-criticism

Fall: low self-confidence, decrease energy

False: You collect unnecessary problems

Fan: successful love Adventures

Farm: Expected social and material successes

Father: happiness, success, adolescence.

Feces: negative features, superstition

Feet – difficulties expected in the way you are going

Figs: tenacity and survival

Fingers: delicate and smooth – love success

Fire: Caution, danger lurking you

Fireworks: an early triumph feelings, Expect difficulties

Fish in water – expect a spiritual enlightenment

Fish: a problem is expected

Flood (rain): a spiritual dissatisfaction about romantic, strife and intrigue

Floor: ground condition reflects the basis of your life, stable or unstable

Flowers: joy luck and success

Fly: you ignore little things that bother you

Flying (levitation) high levitation – Rising energy and spirituality

Flying low – low spiritual energy

Fog: a temporary ambiguity of the situation

Food: spiritual and emotional nourishment, the type of food indicates shortage you have

Forest: growth ability, enter into the unknown, taking responsibility

Fountain: great happiness

Furniture: Meeting ideas and beliefs

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Garbage: a pile of garbage – negative emotions

Gate: new options ahead

Gemstone: prosperity, happiness, luck and love.

Giant: you are the giant – you are progressing correctly to the target

Giveaway: not true to your principles

Glass: You think about yourself

Gloves: someone gossiping about you or plotting against you

Glue: a sense of confidence in Love

Gold chain – material success

Grave: You weaned negative features

Gray (color): uncertainty, low energy, fear

Green fields: economic growth and prosperity

Greeting card: good opportunities ahead of you, listen to the advice of other

Greeting: progress and spiritual growth, love, need to clean up negative emotions

Guest: hidden ability occasionally we can you from time to time

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Hair: Energy

Hall: a major decision for the future.

Hand: Examine your actions

Handcuffs: You bound to the problem and cannot solve it yourself

Handle: expect the end of a task or project successfully

Heart: a new relationship will begin soon

Hen: romantic period ahead

Herb: growth and success expected

Herbs: health concern

High-rise buildings: Business, success

Hill: difficulties on the way

Hive: View success following an effort

Holiday: Expect happy event

Honey: success is expected beyond expectations

Horseshoe: prosperity and luck

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If someone else grabs an ax – financial losses are expected

If someone else is a soldier – you should listen to other’s advice

In still Waters – Peace of mind

In still Waters – Peace of mind

Incense: high spiritual awareness

Iron Ring – low energy, need for change

Iron: difficulty, impatience, sorrow

Ironing: welfare and improvement in economic conditions or material

Island:  isolation, loneliness, sadness, environmental problems

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Jealousy: fear of changes in marital status

Jewelry: expect happy events

Joker playing cards – an economic success

Joker: success is expected

Jungle: difficulties and quarrels, conflicts and intrigue

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KING: high awareness, raising spirituality, control in your life

Kiss: need for love, affection and warmth

Knife: You must decide an important decision

Knot: inability to understand the situation

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Lake, pond: If the water is muddy – difficulties, low energy. If the water is calm – peace of mind.

Land: material pleasures, spiritual stability.

Laundry: You cleaned negative features

Leg: economic performance

Lemons: difficult quarrels

Letter: Self-understanding, Expect a joyful message

Light rain – success in romantic

Lighthouse: unnecessary concern in a peaceful period

Lizard: Someone is cheating on you

Loaf of bread (or challah): putting an effort gaining spiritual profit

Losing money – your plans fail

Love: a need for attention, warmth and fondness.

Luxury: unexpected financial problems

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Magnet: spiritual business success

Mail – Expect news for from overseas

Map: Upcoming changes in residence or work

Mask on your face – you’re running away from the truth

Mask: lies, fraud, scams

Matches: financial benefits will be expected soon

Meal: mental or emotional state of spiritual, type of food indicates a problem requires a solution

Meat: raw

Menstruation: loss of energy, effort without return

Milk: Those who plot against you fail

Mirror: You are reflected in the mirror – an exaggerated self-esteem

Moldy pear – ending a period of happiness and prosperity.

Money (coins) – small successes

Monk: a period of spiritual development

Moon: confidence, inner peace, love, peace of mind, a period of raising positive energy.

Mount: unexpected disruptions of plans

Mouse: problem with relative

Mouth: Be careful what you say

Mud: inability to progress, material issue, lack of confidence

Murder: The End of an era or contact

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Nails: someone is looking to trip you up

Neck: striving for success

Needle: a small but bothering problem in front of you

Nettle: Be careful of physical injury, healing and health

Newspaper: message on your daily life

Night: you ignore things around you

Nudity: You fear the truth

Nurse (hospital): Good Health

Nuts: expected success, love and happiness.

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OAR: difficulties before success

Octopus: Beware those around you

Old or torn – you on the wrong way

Old: wisdom and experience

Olives: Expect financial income from an unexpected source

Open wallet – Your secrets are about to reveal

Ostrich: You must face difficulties to continue

Other bleeds – you have the ability to help spiritually

Oven: spiritual raising

Owl: wisdom, an ability to judge situation

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Package: unexploited spiritual and artistic capabilities

Pain: Health and speedy recovery

Parents: accumulated life experience

Pear: prosperity and success.

Pearl: Investment followed by Success

Phone: Ringing – expect a message from far away

Picture: self aspect

Pillow: material and spiritual comfort

Pit: failed you

Police: guilt feelings

Pregnancy: A new idea is formed and is to be realized

Purse: you hide little secrets

Pyramid: a desire to spiritual enlightenment, a dream come true

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Quarrels: prosperity and love

Queen: spiritual mentoring capacity to others

Quiet sea- a period of high energy

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Rabbi: the spiritual teacher within you

Raft: Low intuition, inability of judgment

Rain: heavy rain – problems love life and relationship

Rape: loss of energy, you let others affect you negatively, exploitation

Rat: Beware of intrigue and plots

Raven: fear of the unknown

Restaurant: social class

Ripe peaches: Love Prosperity

Rock: lack of spiritual progress

Roof: a sense of warmth, success and economic prosperity

Rose: the beginning of a romantic affair

Rough and weird- you are about to fail the project

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Sailing: – : In stormy waters – a general instability

Salt: new friendships, renew old relationship

Satan: infidelity, intrigue

Scar: emotional injury

Scissors: You must get rid of a custom or negative character, disappointments and quarrels

Scorpio: Be careful, a good friend betrays you

Scratching: a problem which drags fears and panics

Sea: energy


Ship: if in stormy waters – a general instability. If in calm water – peace of mind.

Shoes: new – you on the right track

Short hair – low energy

Shot (stab): You will have a little problem, you’ll need to  seek help to overcome it

Shovel : Self-cleaning of negative features, a new beginning

Signature: You’re at peace with yourself and those around you

Sink: negative thoughts

Skating on roller skates: a period of instability

Sleep: are you going to sleep – need mental rest

Snail: a slow progress to success your cause

Snake: enemy, a health problem, someone wants to harm you

Soap: Imperfection in actions or thoughts, feelings purification

Soldier: If you are the soldier – you must enter regime, supervision or

Someone else holds the wheel – you avoid taking responsibility

Someone else is drowning – somebody need your advice

Someone else is getting married – a period of happiness

Sorrow: expect a good period in your life

Spoon: happiness and material security

Squirrel: use others assistance to solve problems

Star: A wish come true

Sting: annoying little problems

Stone: a steady-state period.

Stormy sea – issues affect your energy

Strabismus: bad judgment

Strange hand – you are doing wrong things

Sugar: economic well-being, pleasure and happiness

Suggestion: consider carefully any suggestions you get

Suitcase: a mirror to the soul, the contents of the suitcase indicates feelings

Sun: Success, personal capabilities

Sunrise: Expect new beginnings

Swing: a period of ups and downs in energy

Synagogue: rise spiritual insight

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Table: Material pleasures

Tailor: Upcoming changes in ideas

Talk on the phone – you have good opportunities ahead

Tank: aggressive and aggression a need for protection

Tap: a period of sadness

Tea: peace of mind after a period of ups and downs

Tears: Watch a happy event that will make you happy

Teeth: white – success in solving problems

Telescope: things are not really as they Look

Tent: a period of material and spiritual instability.

Thunder: You create problems for yourself

Tiger: mental and spiritual strength

Toad (frog): You are about to lose property

Tomatoes: successful relationship

tongue: High self-expression

Toys: a time of happiness and joy

Traveling abroad – Expanding Horizons and wish fulfillment

Traveling, hiking: the way you drive yourself and others

Tumor: You must get rid of superstition

Turtle: a period of slow changes in your life

TV: A look at life and the way you deal with situations

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Underwear: You’re protecting your characters

University: you learn from the people around you.

Unripe peaches – love dies

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Vacation: clear from ideas, beliefs and prejudices

Vampire: someone is using your energy, negative thoughts and worry, mistrust

Vine: time for success

Violin: a period of increased energy and peace of mind

Volcano: expect fights anger and intrigue with those around you

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Waiter: Something needs your help

War: internal struggles with mixed feelings

Wasp: a problem

Watch: Trust your intuition

Wave – expect significant changes in energy level

Way: New Beginnings

Wedding Cake – renewal of old ties and strengthening existing relationships

Wedding: you are getting married – expect a separation from someone close

Wheel: expression of a wish coming true

wheel: grip indicates emotional control in your life

White dove: – happiness, prosperity and love

White swans: marital bliss

Wine: material success and comfort

Witch, magician: you overcome a problem created by something else

Wolf: Expect treason from a friend, you give up your principles

Workers restaurant– you are in low social status

Wound: Consider your plan again

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Yawn: health problem expected

You comb your hair – expect changes in energy

You dirty in the mud – a health problem

You write a letter – Expressing emotions

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Zodiac (Horoscope): many opportunities ahead