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Features women’s Luck | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Features women’s Luck

Aries girls:

Aries girls are aggressive with men, with hot weather
Aries women love challenges, easily attract boys
But can just as easily throw them Aries girls do not like to be strangled
They are very aggressive in bed and reach orgasm very quickly.

Taurus girls:

Taurus girls love to make themselves the way they can be very persistent
Taurus girls standing with their feet on the ground and love to take care of their man
Taurus girls in bed are very sensitive and love to do it slowly, but they can Do it for hour

Gemini Girls: 
Gemini girls hate domineering or jealous men
They are very intelligent, the way to their heart is through the brain. If a Gemini
Feel bored. She’s just leave. They love to travel
Gemini girls like new bed changes and stimulations

Cancer Girls:
Girls Cancer love to pamper and act like babies to their men
They are very sensitive and romantic, to capture her heart is to be romantic all the time
They really like flattery, pampering them Will contribute very much to the relationship.
They are good in Bed, they will do everything to satisfy their partner.

Leo girls:
Leo girls have sex appeal and even like to celebrate. Are women who love
Society likes to be always The center of attention,
They are very enthusiastic and loving to lavish love on their man. Leo Girls
Attracted to dynamic men, they love unusual things
Leo Girls love to take control in bed and know to do it well.

Virgo girls:
Virgo girls are very picky in choosing their men
The man that they choose must meet the high standards they pose to Themselves.
Suspicious nature, Virgo are very loyal girls and devoted.
They can be very good in bed and love everything to be perfect.

Libra Girls:
They are very feminine and unique beauty attracts lots of men in their
They are great partners because they love to chase after love and peace
Libra Girls are very sexy, seductive, Are romantic, friendly and Sensitivity.
Romance is very, very important.

Scorpio Girls:
Scorpio Girls are very mysterious. Everything for them is black or white
A lot of men are afraid of obsessive possessiveness of Scorpio Girls
They are volatility in their moods and very sensitive, but also cruel and vindictive
Scorpio girls are the best in bed.

Sagittarius girls:
Like their freedom yo need to be very careful not to show possessive towards them
Sagittarius girls are very athletic outdoors
Rainbow Girls love to travel, the heart of Sagittarius girls love to travel and not
Like a long term relationship and like to laugh a lot.

Capricorn Girls:
Capricorn girls are really closed, but if they develop relationship they will love with all their hearts and give their soul
They are very ambitious about their own career
With Capricorn girls you have to go very slowly until you get to bed,
They do not like flings.

Aquarius Girls:
Very intelligent, the way the heart is through the head. They do not like to commit
There are many single Aquarius girls married at a very late age
Aquarius girls believe in friendship and remain good friends even after separation
In bed they are a bit cool, sex is not that interesting to them.

Pisces girls::
A Pisces, dedicated, sympathetic and makes sure to pamper her man
They need a lot of attention and affection. The more romance the better
They like to give a lot of love. Pisces Girls are very sensitive
Their moods change quickly. They know how to love.