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Leo | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah


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Leo people are warm, friendly, selfless, talented, and have natural leadership qualities. They are generous, honest, noble, are always the first in thought and action, they have good organizational skills, the ability to fulfill ideas and assume responsibility. They like to feel when someone is in need of their help, have high self-discipline and commitment to others. Leo -born have sympathy and compassion for the weak and helpless, while a state of rivalry and competition leads them to take full advantage of their skills. They are creative, genuine, vivid, highly independent and have attractive external appearance. They rely on themselves and do not need advice or financial help from others. They like to manage full and rich social life and be the center of attention. Sometimes their behavior is arrogant, but their wit, personal charm, and the warmth that they give to others, make them very popular. Leo people are not spare with giving compliments and praises, but when necessary, they also clearly show their dissatisfaction. They are faithful, and feel bad about themselves if someone breaks their trust. Leo-born are forgiving and kind, sensitive, aware of the spiritual influences, and have the potential of developing extra sensory perception skills. Sometimes, they can be very active and yet also extremely passive. They are smart and will never waste their time on impossible plans.
Leo people can succeed as actors, writers, military personnel and surgeons. They like luxury, and despite their success, many of them are concerned about loss and failure.
In love, they are full of emotion, faithful and need a spouse who will encourage them and show interest in their ambitions and desires.
Possible health concerns – Heart disease and back problems.
The gemstones of the Zodiac sign of Leo are onyx, sapphire and jasper.

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