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Libra | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah


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Libra people are endowed with great personal charms, they are thoughtful, intelligent and elegant. They have good conversation skills, thet are natural peacemakers, and create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere around them. They dislike exaggerations, prejudices and injustice. They are very honest, sensitive, and get hurt easily. Sometimes, Libra-born have contradictory characteristics. They have a tendency to argumentativeness, intolerance, anger and carelessness. Sometimes, they are restless and unstable regarding their goals. They undertake many tasks and cannot fulfill them all, due to their large amounts. They tend to give up easily, and sometimes they tend to have periods of hectic activity and periods of paralyzing inactivity. They can easily convince people of their righteousness using their personal charm and logical reasoning skills. However, they tend to be influenced by the opinions of others, and as a result they frequently find it difficult to make decisions or reach any binding conclusions.
Usually, Libra people have a highly attractive external appearance, a captivating smile and a contagious laughter. They possess a special potential for the hidden and the extra-sensory field, intuitive, high imagination, inspiration and ingenuity and easily adjust to new conditions.
People born under the sign of Libra like reading, they have an extremely high concentration, a great curiosity and a remarkable artistic skills. They may succeed as painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, fashion designers, antique dealers and lawyers.
In love, they are romantic, generous and full of emotion. They like neat houses, and are not so jealous or possessive toward their partner.
Possible health concerns – The kidney area.
The gemstones of the Zodiac sign of Libra are chrysolite, ligurius and aquamarine.

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