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Cleansing the energy field | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Cleansing the energy field

Whether you’re mowing the lawn or engage in witchcraft you should keep your energy field clean and pure.
Here’s a plan to help you do it, do it as needed.
Fast for one day to three days, drinking only water or apple juice (not alcoholic cider) after Consult a healer or a doctor. Take a ritual bath by candlelight, lit incense (sandalwood scent is suitable, but you can use other scents as well, provided that there would be too heavy). Create a circle – and stand in the middle wearing a thin robe.
Inhale in bright light and exhale out all the tension, negative emotions and debris. Breathe 27 deep breaths, and continue to breathe as long as you feel breathing cleans you, then return to normal breath.
If you do this with a friend ask them to pass on your aura with a feather to remove away toxic energy. If you’re alone, do it yourself. Then wrap yourself in white light and let love, clean air and positive energy to flow in you and remove anything negative.
Say thanks, open the circle or Sit quietly and think about things that inspire for a while.