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Designation of spell | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Designation of spell

Stewart Farrar put it this way: “The purpose of magic is to bring a gradual development of the whole person.
Magic can bring harmony to your life – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually fulfilling its purpose to bring the person to a higher level, to change, uplift and develop the self. In order that the entire universe will benefit as a result, the known seer said magic makes us the children of light, insane souls, stability, health and happy. Living naturally with inner layer like real people in oppose to the shade they radiate each other on earth.

Magic exists to promote the change and guide him, members of the Wicca order said that these inside jobs “Everything it touches changes”. As far as we know this is a human process, there are other creatures that can change their environment, but only aware and sensitive creatures are able to transform themselves. It is possible that marine mammals can do that too. Perhaps one day it will be possible to investigate the spiritual path of dolphins and whales.
Change ourselves? But why? To be open to a larger range of options, to a wider spiritual variety and not to become something else, but bigger. To do this we must know ourselves first, and then develop to new areas within ourselves. We are part of the “all existence”, by using magic we can experience more of the corners of the universe and reach unity with the source.
It is very possible that this is the goal of progress in the spiritual path, to reconnect with the “source” to bridge the illusion that makes us feel separate and alone.
The quest requires us to change; the sorcery is an effective way to do it. The frightening side is we do not know what we’ll become, and before we experience the change for then it’ll be too late to repent. We will not be able to go back, we can only continue to change, or backslide.
Any change that makes us give up the old self resembles to a “small death” and choosing it requires great courage, for “little death” is part of the rebirth. No change causes stagnation decay and voluntary waiver of life as we know leading us to life with more satisfaction.

In the book “Gift of the goddess” it says: “I do not require sacrifices, because I am the mother of all, distributing my love on earth.” Indeed slaughter of sheep does not contribute to internal growth. Self-sacrifice is required here in the form of surrender of the old self. That is the meaning of the card “The hanged man” in the tarot and Odin’s action in the mythology of the North nations: “For nine days and nights I was hanging on a tree, sacrificing myself to myself.”
Consciousness who is not aware of the eternal spirit resides within us, sees this type as a sacrifice, find the loss of small secluded self quite scary. But this is the person’s way to regain the integrity of the larger self, which includes everyone – to connect to goddess.
Using magic for religious purposes and / or as psychological treatment to get “salvation” or for “personal development”, though this is the ultimate goal of witchcraft we cannot ignore the use of witchcraft for not-religious purposes , beliefs and science changing things on the national level.
There are magic for healing for a safe journey, obtain gainful employment and more… There is nothing wrong with white magic if it’s done without intent to harm others. (A person can request to win a specific job but shouldn’t ask for someone’s job) magic supports measures the person does not come in their place.