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Focusing and connecting | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Focusing and connecting

If you notice what is happening inside you, you’ll know if you are not in balance, pushed, confused, unsure and weak or you are strong, self confidence, stable, connected to ground and calm – focused on the world. Awareness of your inner condition is very important no matter what things or tasks you need to make at the outside world don’t let it distract your mind.
When you feel you are away from your “center” stop and take the time to focus on and connect.
Useful exercise for that is upper breathe, where you lie down comfortably Tighten and relax each muscle group in your body.
Start with deep abdominal rhythmic breathing humming continuous long hum with every exhale  with each breath hum longer, do it at least twenty times, focusing on the permanent humming (Beware of excessive breathing, if you feel dizzy, stop the deep breaths and bowed your head down, next time do it for a Shorter time with more moderate breaths.)
When you feel peaceful and clear thinking, send “roots” down to earth through the chakra at the base of the spine Imagine roots penetrate deep into the ground, branching and holding it tightly.
Now inhale and pump in to you the earth energy through the roots and let it spread throughout your body. Feel the power the stability of the ancient wisdom of earth fills you.
When you are ready, pull your roots of energy back to you, sit quietly for few minutes and then go to your business. Another good way to focus and connect is to go for a walk and concentrate on really big object as a tree or mountain, pumped deeply the strength of the object and exhale the air, soon you will feel more peaceful and stable.
Remember your connection with great fabric (God / goddess) is made through your center, and as long as you focus with all your power.