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Spells and dangers | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Spells and dangers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]stopHere are some potential dangers practicing the wrong witchcraft:

Energy imbalance:
Sorcerers redirect a large amount of energy through their body. if excess energy is not returned to earth, it could cause the symptoms mentioned erlier, if you dont pull the energy from resources found in your body you
May remain empty and weak.

You can create a situation which you may be involved to much in the inner level (astral) activity and neglect your domestic affairs and everyday matters – your work, your family, nutrition etc. .. Maintaining a healthy spirituality balance requires a balance between activity Internal and external activity, so stay in touch with world events. Do you spend “quality time” with family members, did you eat correctly? You can be certified advanced wizards but still you should remember to buy toilet paper when you go for shopping.

Purchasing power of any kind, down-to-earth, or Magical, is accompanied by the temptation to use it in negative ways out of fear and anger or greed, keep ethic rules when you have a doubt, listen to your “inner ring”, or ask
guidance from your Higher Self, if you have difficulties communicating with spirit, contact your inner self, go to your teachers, or others you trust their judgment or consultation. The temptation will come from time to time but your moral strength will increase each time and you’ll overcome it successfully.

Intervention by the non-earth entities:
The energies we use in witchcraft sometimes attract the attention of other creatures from other plains of existence.
Remember the circle of magic is “between worlds” overlap between the world we live in and the astral energy cone acts like a beacon in those planes and creates a curiosity of beings living there. Some of them can be generous and others can be playfulness or even wicked, but mostly just curious.
Do not be surprised if in your circle guests will appear, but you do not need to be alarmed by this.
Basically there are three types of entities you may encounter, apart from the gods, these are spirits of nature elements, no-earth beings and the spirits of people who died.
Of course, nature spirits are invited to participate. when you call the Air Forces white angles will come, the pentagram symbol evokes the element of air or energy connected with it, both invite them, at the same time keep those entities outside the borders of the circle, we want their energies to be present, but not be too active in the circle. We do not want a sudden burst of wind to put out the candles. Drawing air energy into the circuit also enhances the Air features “like intellect and imagination within you.

There are also spirits of the fire elements (salamanders), water (nymphs) and the earth (sprites) they are wild and powerful in their pure state, but are not intelligent creatures, when they are treated respectfully, firmly and take care of them they are more allies than a threat.
Other entities can come into your circle without being invited. These entities exist in other dimensions of reality and usually they don’t have any connection to humanity, but some are very curious and will come closer just to see what happens, though they seldom cause physical phenomena such as gusts of wind causes the flame candles to vibrate. They are unable or afraid to enter the circle tightly closed.
It seems these entities responsible for many medieval stories about “Raising Demons” were forced to serve the magician summoned them, and some of them just joined the group when they kidding about humans and their stupid aspirations. And yet there is no doubt the medieval witches were afraid of these entities: They have taken many precautions by creating three circles and placed “warning triangle” out of the circles, to prevent their entry, if these creatures were forced to cooperate, then magicians had a good reason to be afraid. Neither human nor beings like things to be impose upon them. These creatures usually do not reveal to the human eye frequencies, their frequencies areas completely different when we see them in our areas it means that we see them using the “third eye” therefore a type of evidence that this kind of “seeing” is influenced subjectively, they may look different to different viewers, if you expect to see a demon with red eyes and long teeth you might see such a creature and if you expect to see an angel I guess that what you’ll see.

In any case the energy of life may be felt but the way the brain interprets these feelings changes from person to person according to his beliefs and feelings. If you see or feel the presence of an entity outside the circle it probably doing so out of curiosity and probably is not harmful and disappear after opening the circuit if not earlier. The third kind of entities are souls of dead people, these spirits are often in old houses at intersections, at the Cemeteries and so on, often these are the souls of people who have not yet recognized they died and they continue to wander, confused and lonely in places they knew in their lives. Generally spirits are quiet and reveal themselves only in very subtle ways: flashes of movement cool breeze or sense of presence in an empty room.
You can certainly communicate with them and even help them move to the next world, the important thing to remember is that the spirits may divert your mind, but they are not harmful, unless it is exceptional circumstances.
Do “Astral authorities” pose a danger to us? Usually not. It only exist if:
You have a weak energy or damaged field, as a result of trauma or abuse, if you are confused or delirious as a result of taking drugs or if your soul has left your body, leaving it open According to the Shamai perception. Or if you deal with intense magic without the protection of well closed circle, in such cases external entity may even affect you or “dress on you”. Therefore it would be wise to engage in witchcraft is always in a circle and if you do not feel good mentally emotionally or spiritually do everything possible to heal yourself before you begin to engage in witchcraft, healthy and balanced people are not affected from external entities.

Success in achieving the wrong target:
If you mess with the work of witchcraft to be directed to the superficial targets, without making a serious effort to understand your deeper needs of karma and the direction you should follow, you may waste time and energy walking at the wrong paths. “Know thyself” is a good and important advice, spent time in self-inquiry through meditation, work on dreams, regression to ancient incarnations, clairvoyance and self communication with your higher self and younger self, then you can focus your magic to work in harmony with the goals and obtain your real wishes that looks in your consciousness attractive or sensible.
Fortunately, we are equipped with built-in mechanism that prevents us from using witchcraft to inappropriate purposes: If your goal is harmful your younger or high self will sabotage your efforts to achieve it, and will continue until the talking “gets logic”. But if the self refuses to pay attention to the to pay attention they can surrender and let your stubbornness win and let you learn from experience, only then you’ll realize that the goal is not adequate for example: a person may achieve his goal be a plastic products factory owner only to discover that he was much happier if he fulfills his old dream to be a forest ranger.

Witchcraft practice conceived as suspicious behavior in modern Western society the more so when it comes to Vika followers, the neighbor’s reaction can be from “It’s a bit weird is it not?” And “It’s probably due to mental problem” or talk of “Devil workers”. A person could lose his job and even suffer property damage or attack due to practice witchcraft even in the “enlightened” western culture.
Most witchcraft practices prevents that violations by maintaining complete secrecy, few talk about it freely and thriving, usually after forming good relationships with neighbors and friends. It appeared that the most dangerous situation is when people know that something strange is going on but nothing more. Their imagination and fears can run wild so avoid creating clues or mystery around you.
Practice witchcraft also involves some risk as all valuable activities and full of challenges, to engage in this ancient art safely and successfully you must follow the instructions of common sense, advance slowly and carefully make sure your priorities and goals clear, stay focused and connected to the ground if you’re sick do not try anything other than self-healing, use witchcraft only for worthy goals and never to affect another person without permission. Used discreetly[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]