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Blockage in life | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Blockage in life

Breaking barriers in life

Each and every one of us encountered barriers in his life for various reasons changed from one to another evil eye, a curse or witchcraft. Some are creating the obstruction themselves without knowing that, many of the obstruction created by a partner or someone close to us with no intention of course. The blockage wear many shapes such as disharmony in relationships, lack of ability to create relationships at all, Infertility, stress for no reason, or aspirations we cannot fulfill even though they are very large ambitions, or sense of no blessing in livelihood. In order to break the barrier there is a way used for centuries in various religions and which requires ceremony of breaking a ring, necklace or Bracelet by saying Unique verses and special requests, shelving broken object for a divorced woman who is unable to create parity for example. It is recommended to use the marriage ring to break the parity blockage. Once every two weeks I do breaking ceremony among others I am putting the amulets in the archive that are sent to me.

If you are interested you are welcome to send me the amulet for –Yitzhak Mizrahi  553 Hod Hasharon 45 105
Specify the type of blockage in a letter, specify your first name, mother’s name and your date of birth, and attach contribution.

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