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Evil Eye



Homes cleanse with myrrh and frankincense

Myrrh and frankincense are used to cleanse the house. It was used by the Levites in the Temple to perfume and purification. Frankincense and myrrh are a known virtue in Judaism for centuries as a cleansing the house from negative energies, evil eye and witchcraft, Peacemaking and domestic peace. You should place in a metal tool a spoon of myrrh and a spoon of frankincense. Heat on fire until the mixture is smoking. with smoking tool enter all the rooms in the house, stay at least one minute for wonderful scent Smell scattered and clears the whole room. It is recommended to repeat the operation once a month after the new moon.

Keeping house cleansing

There are many ways to cleanse the house, but few ways to maintain long-term detoxification. The best way I think (a tradition in my family for many years) is the use of sugar or dissolve some sugar in the house every full moon night. Sweep the sugar into a paper with names of the people living in is written on and burn the paper with the sugar out of the house. The remains of burnt sugar and paper must be buried in the ground

Evil Eye Test

According to Jewish tradition anyone can check if he has evil eye or not. One way to check the evil eye is to fill a bowl with water and place it under the bed or next to the bed by your legs for one night. In the morning put a spoon of olive oil palm (preferably pure olive oil) and pour the oil slowly to the water bowl.
If all the oil floats.. it means no evil eye, to those who poured the oil if some of the oil sank (several drops) .. Therefore it is very possible that there is an evil eye if all the oil sank it could be witchcraft

Virtue for luck at the house

Cut 3 garlic cloves to their length and immerse them for 24 hours in salt water (teaspoon of salt for every cup of water), every three halves to a separate glass. You need to rub the door frames at the bottom, preferably late at night three halves to the right and 3 left halves to the left of the frame. Do not mix Halves together and repeat this action for 3 nights and say while rubbing garlic: It will be peace in this house, livelihood abundance, amen, amen, amen.

Amulet against Evil eye and for good luck

This amulet is known for the power to protect the bearer from evil eye, and has the power to bring luck. Color combination is the secret lasted for many generations, the amulet is built from 3 small beads in different colors, the lucky colors, each color symbolizes something that protects the person carrying it. Calculation of colors is done by date of birth.
This is a talisman for a lifetime

Calculate The Colors

Amulet against the evil eye on relationship

Write the names of parents and spouse names, on bay leaves, or fig. Packed in foil and hide at home. If it turns out it needs to be prepared all over again