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Sagittarius | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah


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Sagittarius people are warm, cozy and charming people, who are disgusted with any kind of dishonesty and deception. Their behavior is impeccable. They are impulsive individuals, whose first act and only then think about their actions. Even though they have a conservative attitude about many things, the routine bores them. Also, they hate to be tied to a particular place or situation. Frequently they are restless. They have joy of life, they are sociable individual who love hiking and campaigns. Danger or risk makes them feel excited. Sagittarius people are optimistic by their nature and have a good and cheerful mood. They are honest and lovers of advancement individuals, who also have distinction skills. Sagittarius-born are completely devoid of wickedness, and only a very few people can get hurt from their honest words. However, they might get mad easily, and say several harsh and insulting things to people who have annoyed them.
People born under the sign of Sagittarius have a profound mind and high imagination, they are ambitious and smart, and tend to engage in philosophy. Many of them have extra sensory perception powers, especially prediction skills and telepathy. They may succeed as veterinarians, actors, teachers, lawyers and athletes.
Being lovers of freedom and independent individuals, Sagittarius people do not rush to get married. But once they fell in love, they are faithful partners, generous and full of emotion. Even though they are not jealous by their nature, they can to show distrust and possessiveness towards their partner.
Possible health concerns – Rheumatic pains and women’s diseases.
The gemstones of the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius are topaz, amethyst and ligurius.

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