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Scorpio | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah


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Scorpio people are complicated and unusual, with a strong and mesmerizing personality, and a magnetic charm. They tend to take everything to the extreme. They have clear loves and hates, a strong will, quick and witty mind, and a strong ambition to succeed. They rarely show weakness or hesitation. Sometimes, they might not be polite, suspicious, and not willing to compromise. They are endowed with courage and stubbornness, that allow them to achieve the most distinguished achievements. They are determined, creative, honest and generous, and help the weak. Willing to sacrifice much for their favorites and will be anger toward those who harmed them. Scorpio people are egoistic, immune to flattery, and can be very sarcastic and direct in their statements. They are not expressing their feelings and thoughts openly, they can control their expressions and prefer to remain incomprehensible and mysterious. Also, they will never miss an opportunity to deal with the challenge, and they attract to the extraordinary. Many of them are endowed with the ability to clairvoyance. People like them or dislike them, but never remain indifferent to Scorpio people.
Scorpio people may be talented painters, sculptors, composers, writers, diplomats, detectives and doctors.
Scorpio’s love affairs are passionate. They tend to envy and possessiveness, and need a constant approval of their partner’s loyalty.
Physical sensitivity – Usually, their health is good. The genital area is the sensitive point in their bodies.
The gemstones of the Zodiac sign of Scorpio are aquamarine, agate and amethyst.

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