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What cause the blockage?

The restriction can be of several reasons, when the common one is evil eye:
A relative or very close friend can cause the evil eye.
Unfortunately, most of evil eyes are created with no malicious intention, when the person that caused it is even not aware of it.
Family members and relatives are the main reasons for evil eye. Even that no reason seems to be for envy or hostility, members of the family or relatives can impose this evil eye.
Additional way to attract evil eye is overabundance of arrogance.
It is possible to check if the person has evil eye, by asking him to wear a thin silver chain on his neck for at least 30 days. If for any reason this chain is torn, it can be state as evil eye. The next step now is to prepare for that person a Cameo in order to deliver him from that evil eye and to protect him too.
This is one of many other solutions to diagnose presence of evil eye. In the following, you can find lots more examples and possibilities.
In addition, another reason to the existence of that restriction is a vow that was not fulfill. Most of the vows are created in deep sadness or in extreme happiness moments, when we do not relate to them the worthy importance. When we make the vow, we are in a unique emotional situation, which cause us to forget our promise of the vow.
In the day of the atonements Yom Kippur, there is an old and special prayer for denouement of those vows, but Yom Kippur is only one day in the year. Unfortunately, many other negative restrictions can be done in our daily lives.
One more additional reason for the restriction could be an abortion.
A common reason to these restrictions is also the witchcraft. Many peoples are assisted today by magicians or sorcerers, in order to reach their different targets, like recovery of love, to cause someone to love us, lockdown (to cause blind love), binding (enable someone love but only a specific person) or to remove an opponent in love or a competitor in business.

Few are the ones who knows the work of witchcraft correctly and credible. All those who do not know the witchcraft work properly, can cause to themselves and to those they help more peculiar “restrictions” in many life’s domains, as bad luck and unsuccessful.

Improper Religious text

There are many sacred books of Psalms and other books in the car, purse or bag serve us as an amulet for protection. Unfortunately, many of these books are improper, and sometimes cause trouble and blockage.
In these books appear a picture of one rabbi or another, and it is actually advertising this rabbi or his “Yeshive” (Talmudic college), taking advantage of the holy book.
A person needs to suppress his way, and not to glorify his name, so the publication of a picture is a sin and makes the bearer a sinner.
This advertising or image make the book improper, it says “do not do thee any graven image”
There are also cards with Prayer on the one hand, on the other side an image advertising, should be treated as the improper books.
The books or cards need to be shelved, or buried in the ground (Do not throw them in the bin). You can send them to me for archiving.
Spread this message to anyone who you can, maybe it help those who do not know why his life is blocked
Questions, you can ask in the general forum site, I will be happy to answer

Purification of the house from Evil eye

Do this action at night.
Place seven white candles in a dish in a circle way.
Enter with the candles in each room of the house and say:
“Light and purity will enter in this room and evil will be expelled by the light. The good, tranquility, and love will come into this house forever. Amen!”

At the end of the ritual, place the candles in the toilet room until completion of their burning and say:
“This bad spirit’s room will be purified by light and tranquility.”
The remnant of the candles has to be buried in the ground.

Name & letter’s power and their influences on our lives

According to the Kabbalah, there is a great significance to names and letters, which assemble the name and are associated to the person in his birthday. The signification of names testifies on the person’s character, his luck and the role of his soul in our world.
As per the Jewish belief, God is the one who gives and determines the newborn’s name. He is the one who also determines the fate of the soul according to the name pronounced and given by him to the parent’s newborn. The parent serves only as a channel granting the name.
There is a saying: “The Rabbis can help in everything except giving the newborn name”
If the name of the newborn is not fully agreed by his parents, it will be expected problems in his future life mainly in companionship subjects.
There is a magic power to each letter in the 22nd Hebrew letters. Every letter represents some Universal’s elements.
In order to immortalize a person memory and to transfer to the newborn his good and bad qualities, parents are giving to the newborn the name of the deceased person. These names are the “honor names”. It is not advisable to give to the baby the name of a young deceased or of a deceased person that was in agonies of a chronic illness, as it can harm him.
In Judaism, it is not a custom to give names of people who are alive, due to the apprehension that it can cause the baby or the person alive, to die earlier than expected.
Names given to the newborn without both agreement and consentient of the married couple may disrupt or disturb the newborn activities in his future. The soul, returning to earth, as she did not get the full proper name she deserves, will meet difficulties to perform her duties, fate and destiny.
In Judaism it was always a custom to change children names who suffered from different diseases or born with deficiency or flaws. There is who believes that adding a middle name or a letter to the present name can change the person fate in his adulthood.
The decision of changing a name by adding letters or middle name must be done by a qualified person with numerology’s knowledge and familiar with the meanings of the present name and the new one, because each letter has positive and negative magic powers.
The ability to change letters in a name for the best or for the worse must be balanced to be in harmony with the date of birth. In this way, the person name will change for the best and will open his ways to luck, and the soul will fulfill her destiny in her present incarnation.
Most names in which there are double characters (Shoshanna, Oded, Lilacs etc) symbolize closed (blockade) companionship inside the name and indeed, to most people carrying such names there is companionship problems.
In such a case it is recommended to add another name (after checking precisely all details, calculations and according to the mother name and birth date).

Old or improper amulets

It is well known to many, I’m archiving improper amulets for many years which are sent to me from Israel and abroad
I often run into forbidden amulets of people coming to me for open in the “Zohar” to consulting fate that are closing their success with these amulets. An amulet must be written on kosher parchment and not on paper
If you have an amulet or object used as an amulet, do not throw it away, it should be disqualified and shelved.
If the amulet improper or corrupt, it may do the opposite of what it was made for and bring bad luck or blockage in luck, Blocked relationship or livelihood, even damage to health or the positive energy, and even lead to a situation of divorced or inability to find a mate, inability to reach the targets we set for ourselves and more.
If you have an old or improper amulet and you want to check it (free) I will check them and if needed put them in shelve.
Amulets which were prepared by its bearer itself, are not improper even if written or printed on paper
Address for sending amulets
For Yitzhak Mizrahi. 553 Hod Hasharon. Zip 45 105