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Amulets, Incantations and Virtues | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Amulets, Incantations and Virtues

hamsaMan has always searched for luck and success.
There are who goes to soothsayer or witches, to change fate.
Some are seeking the change with virtue or amulet.
All religions and nations have virtues and charms practices.
Talismans are for success at work, love and health, finding a spouse, happy life and much more.
In this page I will give some examples of virtues and preparing amulet.
These Amulets and virtues are a part of Jewish religion. Some carry prayer or blessing.

Testing and shelving Talismans

Many of the surfers know, I shelve charms for many years. I often run into improper amulets, or talismans that contain nothing but a rolled-up paper. Unfortunately, many do not know amulet must be written on parchment only, and not just on paper. If you have a talisman or Object used as an amulet, do not throw it away, it should be disqualified to shelve. If the amulet is improper, it may bring the opposite of what it was supposed to bring – bad luck or blockage. Therefore, the amulet should be checked every few months. If you have a talisman, and you want me to check it (Free), please mail it to me

Mizrahi Itzhak
Address for sending. 553 Hod Hasharon. Zip 45105