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Prophetic Dream | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Prophetic Dream



I’ll tell you one of the cases I was helped by a dream recently:
I received as a gift key chain with a pendant of an very beautiful Indian mask. The key chain was in my pocket without a key attached. What was important is that the keychain was the Indian’s character – a very special character. One day I lost my key chain. I searched all over the house in all the places that made sense but nothing worked, I could not find the key chain.
For a week bothered me to think how I lost key chain, something I wanted so much. After I finally gave up looking for it, I decided to turn to mysticism.
The first thing I did was attempt to find the key chain through a dream. At night before going to bed I sat on the corner of the bed I meditated for about 10 minutes. Throughout the meditation I uploaded the image of the key chain in front of my eyes. Then I went to bed thinking where the key chain is?

That night I dreamed I went to the washing machine which is in a warehouse outside home. I moved the washing machine and pulls out behind her my key chain. In the morning when I woke up the first thing I did was go to the warehouse, of course. Moved the washing machine and got behind her my key chain. Indeed it was there. This capability is the prophetic ability for answers through dreams. This ability is there for all of us some more and others less well developed. All we do is practice until you reach a state of control in our questions and receive answers through dreams.
There are several explanations for this phenomenon: