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Concentration exercises | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Concentration exercises



In this page I will teach exercises that can help improve your concentration, and finally I’ll give an exercise where you can evaluate whether you have good concentration.

Concentration Exercise
This exercise I received as an answer in a dream, after a long trial, I concluded that this exercise is one of the best exercises that can be used anyone who’s interested to check the power of concentration and also practice. You can get really amazing results in a relatively short period. All it takes is an analog clock (ticking) and a lot of desire.
The exercise: Sit comfortably back in a chair and watch the seconds dial, Listen to the clock ticking. Close your eyes and count along with the ticking 60 seconds. Open your eyes and look at if you counted exactly 60 seconds or early or after a few seconds. If the count was not accurate, it means you are out of concentration. Begin the exercise again concentrated hard on the clock for 60 seconds with your eyes closed.
When you will be able to concentrate for a minute, afterwards for two minutes and so on up to 5 minutes. When arrive to 5 minutes it means you have a very good concentration.
This exercise forces you to be focused, and you develop awareness to concentration, it prepares you better to meditation exercises.
Good luck.
Sit relaxed and hold some object in your hand like a watch, ring or any object that does not exceed the size of your fist, preferably not a smooth on all sides.
Look at the object carefully turn it slowly while breathing slow, focused on each bracket, bump and color, learn it carefully. Viewing the object should be between one to two minutes.
Place the object, close your eyes and continued to see him with your eyes closed as clear as possible. Try to focus on all the little details you’ve seen turn it in your imagination and try to see it as clearly as possible after a few seconds the object will be a blur in your mind and disappear. Do the exercise again. After practicing several times over several days you will be able to concentrate well enough to see the object for longer, the more you practice you’ll get better focus and concentration.