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Healing | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah




What is healing
The word “healing” is a treatment, therapy. Healing is also a general name for all methods of healing based on energy work. This field is probably the most diverse mystical domain in all areas included in the definition of “alternative medicine.”

There are a large variety of methods to work energetically, but a good healer is not represented by a particular method, he is a representative on his own, he mediatin some way between the energy dimension and physical dimension. In other words, Hiller works well in direct energy, perhaps by using different methods, but without being simple executor of such method or another.

When we go to a healer, we may experience a huge variety of working forms. Part of some healers Work forms may remind us of ancient Native American rituals, or various quack remedies. Every healer channels his energy differently and work in a unique way. Healer works in a very complex world, which is complex of no less than the world as we know and maybe even more.

It takes us years of study to learn to understand the world around us and getting along. The world the healer works in is- a world of energy – is no less complicated from the world we know, so it requires years of training to understand and get along.

For healer, abstract things such as thought, emotion and feel, are not abstract at all, but are energetic objects that can be tangible, influence them and work with them. The world of the healer is a world of energies, entities, ripples of emotion, gusts of feeling and unity of thought.
Man, in the healer’s world, is an energetic bright critter, very complex. The conscious and sub – conscious, belief system and personal capabilities – all of these in the world of healer are real entities that can be seen and work with.
We know that different cultures (those of the Indians, for example) the role of healer is the most significant role, which is beyond the scope of mere healing and comes to development of capabilities, training, personal development and various practical protecting. For these cultures, healer was not someone you come to him to obtain advice or healing, but someone in charge of the practical and necessary connection of a certain group of people, the secret forces inside them and outside of them.

There are different therapies based on energy work, including “Reiki”, “Bio Energy”, “healing” and many others, but we will treat them here as complete healing, which is basically a synonym for “energy healing” The word “cure” is seen here in its broadest sense, that is, not only cure diseases, but also healing and consciousness.

When we are born, our senses are quite simply attacked, with an unbelievable Incomprehensible collection of chaotic data. We need several years to organize an unbelievable collection of chaotic data and make it, gradually, a controlled flow of information, called “World
The “World” in which we live is the result of the method of interpreting and organizing data received from the senses. There are really no solid materials, three dimensions, time, up and down, I and other and all other conventions and concepts that we base our lives on.
What we really have is Inconceivable, but can be interpreted in a certain way – and that we are doing.

We interpret this as a system with three dimensions + time dimension, for example.
Our interpretation does not have to be “true”, but it must meet three important criteria
1. It must protect us. That is, there should be a connection between himself and reality, sufficient for survival.
2. He must be flexible and allow us freedom of choice.
3. The basic interpretation must be completely synchronized with the basic interpretation of those around us, otherwise we will lose touch with each other.

Healing is the purchase of another interpretation system. This system is not creating the experience of three dimensions, time, solid objects, etc., but a completely different experience, the world energy.
This energy world is a real world just like the solid objects world – perhaps even more!
In other words, from a the unbelievable Incomprehensible collection of chaotic data stream around us, the brain can create a “structure” that makes sense. The structure might to show us people with legs and arms – and can show us people who are luminous balls of energy. And of course create a completely different structure. Cohesive whole structure that can allow us to survive in reality called “World
The role of the magician in the distant past, as people saw was a mediate between the physical world and the mysterious energies world. The Wizard himself saw it differently: His job was to allow people to enjoy the fruits of another interpretation system, which has its advantages, particularly in the areas of healing. Sometimes healing is accessible to the casual second interpretation, in that the first interpretation could only see the disease without any ability to care of it.
For example, the first interpretation sees a stomach ache. The second interpretation system may see poor energy flow, which can be cured with a small wave of energy.

When the symptom appears on the surface, we turn to the healer – and he uses other means available, the other world allows him to examine our situation from this perspective.
Resulting symptom caused by a symptom so on to infinity. As we will deepen the more we discover that what seems to us the real problem is merely a symptom of another one deeper.
For example, my head hurts!