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Meditation | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Meditation is the way to enlightenment, it helps us connect to God within us and open a powerful source of energy re-loads the body, mind and spirit.
This is the way to save our energy.
Although changes are experienced immediately as a result of meditation, many of them are gradual.
Experience stress reduction and pressures on daily bases, a general improvement in health and feelings of peace, but meditation is not a wonder drug, it starts to make you sensitive to the problems facing you and keeps your energy level so you can cope better with the things you need to deal with, so you can see how You get from life exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less.
Meditation is an ancient technique for calming the mind quickly. The early morning hours are the best to meditate, so you can increase your energy and channel it in a positive way before you start the day’s activities, but you may prefer to meditate just before you go to sleep, it will help you organize the chaos that has accumulated during the day, you should do meditation when you are as calm as possible and be sure you will not be disturbed. Before you begin you should spend several minutes listening to music elated to help you out of your daily preoccupations and be ready for meditation.
How to meditate;
1. Sit on a chair with a straight seat back your spine straight and feet flat on the floor, your back should not touch the chair, Combine your hands in your lap or held them in a comfortable position, hands must touch each other, the eyes must be closed
2. Breathe a few deep slow and breaths and feel you self relax, visualize white light surrounding you completely, light that is your defense as you open Sensitive energy centers
3. Gently concentrated on the idea, a flower or a single word for about ten minutes, choose something that represents beauty, or simply listen to soft and relaxing music, if you choose to listen to music stay with the melody and words for about twenty minutes
4. If thought deviant from the object you are trying to concentrate on, bring it gently back to the point of focus, it takes many years to quell the Mind completely so do not let anything to weaken your hands, it works despite all.
5. After ten minutes separated the hands and turn them so that the inside of the paws would turn up, as they lay still on his knees.
6. Relax and concentrate on object, then move your thoughts to neutral position, stay passive but still stay alert for ten minutes. Watch calmly every thought and image passes in your head, just be quiet and detached and flow with what you feel,
7. After ten minutes, do your statements and your requests, since you are now concentrated in the most relaxed time, and imagine you are Surrounded by white light and then open your eyes. Send the light with love and healing to others