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Mental stress relaxation technique | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Mental stress relaxation technique



We need to find a balance between the unconscious to awareness, in order to let the subconscious appear in mind .
This capability is made using the method of relaxation and breathing. The exercise is based on the fact that the average person is always in a state of pressure and distress in daily life and this situation brings the tension between the body and mind
If we can relax and soothe the body – the soul will become stronger. There is a tight connection between breathing and emotions that can be influenced by man. When we are under pressure we should start to breathe in and out slowly while counting and concentration, for example:
Slowly count to seven when you inhale a deep breath, count to three when you stop your breath and count to seven when blowing out the air and count to three and stop breathing

This breathing process is repeated for one minute and then we find that the turbulent feelings decreases significantly or disappears completely. Everyday tension disappeared gradually gives way to calm soul, and clear mind.
This exercise can be used before any spiritual work, for example: before exercise telekinesis, concentration exercises or communication.