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Mystic Pentagram | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Mystic Pentagram



Mystical Pentagram is a technique that allows subconscious awareness.
Daily practice will lead to surprising personal result. One of the characteristics of the technique is to encourage people to personal development through an encounter with an entity to discover a personal mantra associated with the five elements, and individual to each person experiencing this technique.
You’ll have to start communication with a panel such as Pentagram board. Look at the name related to the air element. Choose a name that feels “fit” for you. For example, “breeze” that belongs to the air element. If you feel relaxed, calm and your general feelings are positive, I am connected to my inner self. Now continue to the element of fire, water, earth in the same way you search for the appropriate wind to the air.
After you have found a mantra or song individually for each of the five elements you are ready to continue with the process of Pentagram
Sit down in your favorite meditation position, relax and start breathing in rhythmic, meaning Inhale, count one, two, three, four, breathe out and count one, two, three, four and so on. Continue breathing for about five minutes, so that the rate will be fixed and orderly.
Focus on the five mediums (Pentagram corners represent elements) in the table. Repeat in your mind their position until you feel you see them in your imagination. Then visualize a bright white light that creates a circle around your head in spiritual center. Draw in your imagination a bright white pentagram in a circle of light. This is a Pentagram in communication.
If you feel confused, bring back in your imagination the pentagram and loudly chant the mantra you have chosen again in front of the center of the elements.
Let your mind stay in the center and continued chanting the mantra for at least five minutes. Then imagine a white bright sharp beam of light enters your skull and ends in the neck near the Adam’s apple.
Imagine a circle of white light begins to turn around and beat. Feel its pulse. Draw in your imagination a pentagram within the circle of light and hum loud the mantra you have chosen for the circuit element air. Continue to imagine this circle for five minutes at least.
Now imagine the sharp white light beam penetrates you down the spine and ends at your fire center. Fire Center is located just above the navel.
Imagine a white light begins to pulse in the center of the fire and drew a pentagram within a circle of light.
If you feel dizzy or confused, gently returne the vision back and focus on the pentagram shape.
At this point began to memorize the mantra you have chosen for the elements of fire
If you feel insecure and confidence continued to concentrate on the elements of fire and repeat your mantra for at least another five minutes
Continue to imagine the beam penetrates the center of your water, which is located in the knee. Again, you should see before you a bright light circle. And again, draw in your imagination the pentagram within the circle of light.
Start chanting your chosen mantra for the water elements and repeat it a few times at least for five minutes.
If you’ve gotten to this point, you’ll see a bright and sharp beam penetrates down the legs and stops at your feet which are the center of the earth element. Draw a circle again bright white light which beats in the circle of light and paint a Pentagram within the circle of light. Start chanting the mantra you have chosen for the foundation of the earth and repeat it several times for five minutes at least. When the entire energy center handled by guided imagery, direct the light energy from the air center to the earth center. As you inhale see the light traveling from the top of your head, passes through the body and feet
As you exhale the air see the light traveling from your feet, through the body to the top of the head. This circulation must be done at least seven times.
You will see the energy for reviving and cleaning every part of your existence expanding your cosmic consciousness level. As you will continue to repeat this technique every day, you will begin to see and feel changes in your subconscious and consciousness. You’ll notice a significant improvement in your physical situation.
Do not despair if you dont get results immediately.
This technique has very positive effects they accumulate.
Be gentle with your inner self, yet insisted maintain openness in communication.
It is important to try and practice every day at the same time, so the body gets used to a regular cycle