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Reiki | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah




Reiki is a healing and balancing energy transferred from the therapist to the patient through gentle direct touch of hands.
Reiki promotes a connection between the ground energy and cosmic energy that connects both directions to the patient. According to the method of Reiki, the therapist is a channel transferring cosmic energy to the patient but is not necessarily endowed with special powers. Unlike most alternative medicine techniques, Reiki method is only about a hundred years.
The method was developed by Dr. Mikao Iozi that abstinence on a mount for twenty-one days and felt the world energies concentrated with him, after this period he had healing powers within him.
The meaning of the word Reiki in Japanese:
Ray – Universe
Ki – Energy
The most prominent example in applying daily Reiki method is:
When we fall down or hurt ourselves in the head or stomach, we put our hands on the place of pain, our hands radiate heat energy that is transferred to the focus of the pain and bring relief
Anyone can take care of himself with Reiki.
Before a person can take care of himself or another person with Reiki, he must go through three stages of learning which brings him to the rank of a therapist.

The first stage:
Most important of all, including twenty-one days of abstinence and clearing his physical system from negative energy. There is a need to get rid of these negative energies because they bring the body to situations of pain and despair.
During the adjustment period the student passes tuning.
In the second stage:
The student receives a higher capacity to transfer energy balance and additional adjustment, afterwards the student learns to balance between intellect and emotion.