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Energy Balancing | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Energy Balancing


Energetic balancing exercise:

Our ability to balance the self-energy is better than any treatment we receive from a healer. When we hurt in any place in our body, we put our hands on the painful spot and immediately feel relief, our own aura constantly striving for balance so we immediately feel a sense of relief instead of pain. Fatigue or low mood can be caused due to changes in place or conditions we are under during the day, self-care of our chakras can balance us and restore a sense of freshness, awareness and our the missing energy in particular, continuing treatment will maintain a constant energy level and balanced aura.
How to handle the chakras?
Here are seven stages of self-treatment. The treatment should continue until 12 minutes. It is recommended to persist in the treatment every day to maintain a balanced energy
1. Put your hands on your eyes and relax for 2 minutes
2. Put one hand on your neck and the second hand on your forehead for one minute
3. Put your hands on your head for 2 minutes
4. Put your right hand on the third eye (center of the forehead) for one minute 5. Gently hold the throat (loose contact) for one minute
6. Put your hands on your heart for 2 minutes
7. Put your right hand on the diaphragm and with your left hand Caress movement from the diaphragm down slowly until the crotch, and occasionally change hands. The duration of the action is three minutes. To finish the action move your hands over all your body in shaking or wipe clean movements till you gets sense of clean aura.