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The Aura And the energy colors | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

The Aura And the energy colors


hilingThat is the aura of Yitzhak Mizrahi taken in Sweden in his last visit
The aura is the energy field that surrounds the physical body of all living things from all sides. You can sense it by a touch of your hand or by a pendulum over the human body. If you train really well you might see it without help. Aura has different colors with each color reflects the certain mode surround’s the person by the same color.
The aura has seven layers as the number of chakras in the body where each chakra is related to another layer of aura. The aura is about 10 cm on average from the living body and its thick changes from one to another; in special cases a person’s aura may fill an entire room. When the aura is well and strong the person feel the aura strongly and physically, emotionally and intellectually. When the aura weak the person will feel weakness particular in that part of his body. in the twentieth century scientists managed to develop a special photography called “Photo Ckeriliany” which with its help you can shoot and see the aura around the human body

Aura colors and their meaning:
White aura – indicates good health, personal purity and balance in general.
Black aura – testifies to the sickness and pain particularly strong in the head and spine, and that person has a negative entity.
Gray aura – indicates the start of disease in the physical area where the color appears in, as well as negative being.
Blue aura – indicates a high spiritual energy. High-level capability of communications
Red aura – indicates energy, sexuality. When it strewn It indicates a weak nervous system.
Purple aura – shows a man dealing with mysticism and treating people, and has tremendous spiritual ability.
Orange aura – indicates strong sexuality, but when it is weak or diffuse evidence of problems with sexuality.
Yellow aura – indicates spirituality, appears in the clergy and mysticism.
Green aura – indicates a healthy body and mind, a supreme spirituality, love to help and contribute to others .