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The Chakras | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

The Chakras



Our body’s energy porters

Every person has a karma relationship with his past and future, even when we were in our previous incarnation a person chooses his life on the planet, he chooses where to be born to some parents, some astrological luck status and what will happen to him in life. For the first 28 years if the choice was in an imperfect body it was for a reason and purpose to learn, not accidental or mistakes in life everything that we define as a suffer is actually an opportunity to correct the mistakes and move forward towards enlightenment.

When we accept the situation that we chose for ourselves it is easier for us to deal with the situation, try to understand it, learn from it and correct the mistakes or imbalances of the past. That’s is how we move towards our enlightenment, which is part of the learning process of the soul
It is important to learn first to love yourself, do not hurt yourself or another soul, all lessons learned are developing around the self-love, true self is spiritual energy within the physical body and the creative force behind all the forms, love means a lack of fear and the ability to give. Fear is an illusion that separates us from inner truth.

Most dreams represent the fears and limitations that we impose on ourselves, dreams help us to identify our fears and how to deal with them, the winter period is the period in which the brightest most powerful dreams are dreamed, and usually we remember them. This is a period of spiritual or our inner self growth in which our self learning grows

Dreams are also affected by the moon, five days before the fulfillment of the Moon the dreams become stronger and clearer. The peak comes with full moon energy.
Dreams show us which energy centers are not in balance.
In each region in the human body energy flows, also called Chakra. means – spinning wheels of energy. Each region belongs to his chakra. In his human body there are over 300 chakras.
Chinese medicine – acupuncture uses chakra points to heal and increase energy flow to repair the human body

The main seven centers in which the chakras are located are:
1. Spine base – root chakra
2. Genital
3. Stomach
4. Heart
5. Throat
6. Between the eyes (third eye)
7. Head crown

When an energy region is blocked (mental or physical) or too open, disease will start in corresponding in the human body.

First Chakra – root chakra
Based along the spine the first three vertebras, and hence came the name base / root chakra. Her color is orange and is responsible for contact with reality. When it is damaged, we may feelings of fears, anger worries and frustration will start. It might as well Cause lack of appetite, joint problems, Knee, hemorrhoids or constipation.

Second Chakra – sex chakra
This Chakra is found in areas of sex along the first vertebra of the pelvis. Its color is red and is responsible for instinct, reproductive, passion and creative controlling the regulate heart activity in the blood. When it is blocked it can lead to kidney problems. Bladder, back pain and sexual dysfunction

Third Chakra – stomach chakra
This chakra is located above the pelvis at the navel area. Her color is yellow and is responsible for feelings, emotions and power. When balanced there is a balance between thinking, desire and emotion, influenced directly by frustration and emotion. It is responsible for balancing of the digestive system, liver and sugar in the blood. Supply’s heat to the organs in the body, when it is not balanced, it brings the vulnerability and lack of satisfaction and happiness, frustration and deep problems in the stomach, spleen and intestine

Fourth chakra – heart chakra
This chakra is located in the center of the chest and heart, along the eighth vertebra of the chest, its color is pink and is responsible for universal love, and love with no return, of mercy and compassion. It balances the body’s immune system. When it is blocked it can cause symptoms such as asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease and general health problems