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The effect of positive thinking | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

The effect of positive thinking

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Loving and positive thoughts are necessary for healing health and general success in life. You all must have heard in the past talk about positive thinking and the great strength of thought, the self-fulfilling prophecy, and other related theories to thoughts. Positive thinking has a known healing power capacity, even among conventional medical community.
You may feel thinking positive thought cannot possibly change your life, but, how many times you thought a negative thought over and over again about yourself, until finally it became real for you?, So why not change these negative thoughts positive to thoughts?
You can compare positive statements with sowing seeds.
You do not just bury the seed and the next you have a beautiful flower. It takes time. First you must water the seed and feed it, make sure it is safe from harm. Same is true for positive statements

You may not see changes immediately, but with sufficient input and encouragement, you can change the way your old negative thinking, and look in a new positive light.
Particularly tensed periods in which we are in, we must enter positive affirmations into our homes, our heads and our soul. The soul feeds out of positive statements and wilts with negative statements.
Change mindset, changing lifestyle, eating patterns change, behavioral changes, etc.
My aim among other things, is to raise the awareness of various aspects of life, for example:
So far you go in a certain way, you are physically sick, frustrated, depressed, why not choose a new path, a bypass road? Why stay stuck at that point?
Positive thinking gives amazing tools for dealing with changes, the success of the changes, the work of awareness, and a sense of wholeness and fullness.
Positive thinking is a way of life and eventually you will begin to see how your life turns in new directions and harvest abundant from it. Positive thinking is a method of healing and strengthening the body using mental energy
It exists from the beginning of human history, in every society and culture that existed on Earth. Positive thinking takes care of the physical body, etheric, Astral, emotional and mental body.
We tend, in our world, to nurture ourselves externally by makeup, perfumes, and various magic lotions, all well good and effective, but occasionally we also need an internal cleansing: cleansing the aura,
Insertion of positive energy and light, balancing energy centers, there are not enough words to describe the feeling of a person that moved to live a positive thinking in his everyday life, but this kind of sense of internal and external purity, physical perfection – mental – spiritual – energetic, optimistic and positive.
All we have to do is to search relentlessly positive things around us, and there is much more than we can imagine. Old wise people said that there is good in every bad.