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The Intuition | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

The Intuition



Have you ever thought about someone just before he rang you on the phone?
Ever feel that something is going to happen and indeed it did happen soon after you felt it?
Have you ever used the term “gut feeling?”
Sixth sense? Mysticism? Coincidence that repeats itself?

Intuition – that’s what it!
Intuition is an integral part of us. It’s actually a part of the mental, psychological and emotional process of all of us, located in the right lobe of the brain, the one who’s responsible for our emotional side.
Many will wonder how everyone has intuition and theirs is imperceptible. The answer is simple – it exists at all us because it is innate, but not fully developed for many of us
As children, intuition is more developed and we also give a it more freedom than adults. We create our imaginary friends, imagine monsters or mysterious figures, see things and places that seems perfectly logical to children. Adult environment intervention – often parents – stifling this feature, “put them to sleep” and oppresses it.
Most likely, that even we as adults we will follow the same pattern with our children – what is not clear and has no proof or explanation therefore does not exist.
The process of “anesthesia” or suppression of intuition begins in our adult lives, when the environment provides us with endless materials that strengthen repression the of conscious development, clearly exists
Studies such as the exact sciences cannot be challenged. These axioms should be accepted without question, and by things or places “tangible” and easy to prove.
These facts are correct, and indeed the mathematical equation for example is something that can be solved and to prove, but we must remember that there are other dimensions to our world we should be consider.
These are the same dimensions that were blocked and oppressed since childhood, but they already exist in us, only sometimes we are unable to express them.
Intuition is that initial thinking, an association that comes to our minds. It can come in thinking, as a picture, symbol or sound.
In many areas we use our intuition: the choice of employees, friends and even life-partners!
If we let ourselves to listen to inner voice, be attentive to our inner truth, and allow ourselves to reduce awareness and increase our emotion we can develop our intuition.