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Wake into a dream | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Wake into a dream

19Imagine that you are dreaming a dream … Suddenly, you wake up in it ! I mean, you’re still dreaming, but your awareness arose in the dream: You know you’re dreaming, you know that everything that happens now is not real and you can do whatever you want …!
Of course, it’s very intriguing to find out where you are. You may look around, see what happens … You may do whatever you want because you know whatever happens nothing will happen to you – it’s a dream … as if you are in the Matrix, only here you cannot die or even get hurt … Here you can do whatever you want, try and do what you want – all true with vision, hearing, physical sensation (including pain!), sense of smell, taste, everything!
You can talk to people, jump, sing, practice what you want, try things you do not dare try in real life – everything! Whatever you want! This is virtual reality at the highest level there is! It is not different from reality as we know, except that at some point the dream is over, we wake up and our body is intact, no matter what was done in the same reality
This experience of awareness within the dream, called “lucid dream”. Lucid dream is a dream in which we know we are dreaming. This knowledge makes him the “Lucid”. Our clarity that it is expressed that we don’t have to do what we dreamed we did – we can do whatever we want.

When we are dreaming a dream, the events can be divided into two parts:

1. Where we are – the dream environment.
2. That which we do – our action in the dream.

Every dream is made of two of these parts: the dream environment and our action in the dream.
If during the dream we suddenly realize we are dreaming, it immediately affects our actions in the dream. We suddenly realize that it’s a dream and that we don’t have to do what we dream we do that we are free to do whatever we want in a dream environment. We can even try to change the environment of the dream, or switch to another dream environment, although sometimes it is very interesting to explore the environment we’re in it
From a state of “lucid dream” you can gradually work out and get total control in the dream. You can invite events, create things and situations, and experience in virtually every experience we want to try it without risk (you can always do “Undo “…).
For example,