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Coffe Reading | Itzahk Mizrahi - Practical Kabbalah

Coffe Reading


Fortune telling is one of the antiquate crafts guessing by interpretation of remaining marks after drinking a cup of coffee. Most of them have been forgotten. Shapes that appear in the sediment person’s cup after drinking from it are considered to have special meaning in fortune-telling. For residue easy to read prepare a cup of strong coffee. After drinking, some liquids left at the bottom. Take the cup in your hand and rotate it three times clockwise. When you adjust the fluid remains so, that would come to the edge of the cup, then turn it quickly with its face down into the bottom. Leave it in this state to empty the fluid; it is common to count to seven before turning the cup back. Now you’ll have various forms on the cup walls, and have seen as symbols that are meaningful. Each shape has the traditional interpretation. By reading the symbols correctly the reader can interpret and decipher the nature and destiny of the person. The handle of the cup should be directed towards the reader. The shapes at the left side of the handle that appear are related to events in the past. The right side refers to events that appear in the future. Direction of the shapes in relation to the handle is important as well. Those facing the handle represent the approaching events; these backs turned to the handle symbolize travel, departure. Forms which appear near the handle indicate events that will occur close to the house. The cup’s walls are used as time-scale, the edge marks the present and events that coming shortly, the middle of the area to the bottom of the cup indicates bad luck, and forms that appear on it are undesirable.

Like other methods of divination, the reading in sediments requires complete concentration from the reader, intuition and imagination, along with the spread symbols by the usual table, as the shapes used as a focus point of origin. The shapes will not always be clear, and you’ll need to practice and use imagination to see the symbols.
At the beginning of the reading try to determine what kind of picture controls the shapes: good or bad. This distinction will give you logic to reading structure, sometimes the meaning of one form contradict the meaning of the second form also appear in the same symbol, the truth lies in the combination of the two meanings.

Pear – good luck and economic prosperity
Tent – trouble
Geese – social success, invitations to events
Ear – unexpected and interesting news
Plane – a sudden trip, disappointing development
Handcuffs – disaster
Ship – good luck, drive pays off
Yoke – an overbearing person
Finger – it has no meaning in itself but adds weight and when pointing at a shape.
Thimble – Changes in the house
Gun – Danger
Chimney – Hidden Risks
Coffin – bad news
Lion – influential friends
Rabbit – news of a loved one or a friend who is away
Wallet – Profit
Fire – an artistic success and achievements
Shovel – Avoid taking sides in fights

Boomerang – betrayal, friend or acquaintance envy you
Falcon – a wish fulfillment
Egg – a sign of luck, the more eggs the better, prosperity, success, there may be reports of birth
House – happiness and security
Acorn – material gain, success
Balloon – passing problems
Bottle – poor health
Swan – Progress
Duck – your property will increase

Hill – obstacles and failures
Man – close to the handle cup: visitor
If the figure is clear: a dark hair man
If the character is unclear defined: fair-haired man
If his arm tense: will bring present
Fence – Small program failures
Gondola – Traveling Love Affair
Giraffe – trouble brought on by reckless word or deed
Wheel – Success
Camel – useful and unexpected news
Gallows – enemies plot will fail
Hack – difficulties in your way

Bee – social and financial success
Fish – health, wealth and happiness
Flag – dangerous threats
Bear – a long drive
Door – an unusual or strange event
Human figures – Love and married
Palm – Success and respect
Dragon – an unexpected trouble

Mount – Barrier
Volcano – your emotions can damage your career

Curtain – Someone hides a secret from you, if the curtain away from the window: The secret is not important
Wolf – jealous
Zebra – adventure, a trip abroad
Glass (vessel) – complete coordination
Bouquet – honor and accomplishments

Unicorn – secret relations or marriage
Rat – cunning and resourceful enemies
Beetle – scandal
Pork – material prosperity
Donkey – the time for patience and optimism
Bagpipes – Disappointment
Arrow – bad news
Sword – arguments, quarrel between lovers
Grasshopper – News from a friend on the road
Chrysanthemum –  great happiness
Insect – small problems you’ll overcome them soon
Cat – treason, a disloyal friend
Complete Ring happy married, incomplete one: marital problems
Windmill – business profit
Castle – financial benefits, could be by marriage

Hand – a good friend, if the hand is clenched: an argument with a friend
dove – huge lucky
Owl – a bad sign, scandal and gossip
Ostrich – Journey, Travel
Moon – Love Affair

Sheep – good luck in the near future
Pitcher – will reach an important position
Ball – will pass a number of reversals in your life
Cap – a bad time to new initiatives
Beehive – business success, if the bees are flying around the hive: a significant financial benefits
Star – health and happiness
Comet – probably unexpected visitor from abroad
Javelin – light accident or illness
Violin – Beware of arrogance
Dog – Success is followed by hard work, trusted friend
Bird cage – obstacles, quarrels
Wings – News
Tsp – people behave generously
A chair – an unexpected visit of a friend or loved one
Glove – Challenge

Heart – a good sign, love and marriage
Loop – an impulsive action may cause damage
Clown – party or social event

Scale – will suffer injustice
Hat – a gift, a good change
Tower – Disappointment
Lighthouse – disaster avoided
Boot – a great achievement
Sweep – you must devote more attention to details
Fork – Beware treacherous and flatterers friend
Fountain – a great success and happiness
Corkscrew – a difficult situation caused by curiosity
Entire string: fan, broken: the end of a love affair
Broom – small problems will find a solution
Umbrella – madness
Letter – you will receive important information probably  through the mail
Angel – good news
King – a strong friend
Lamp – financial success
Fan – flirt, romance adventure
Open Lock: surprise, Close: Warning
Nail – injustice
Scissors – a misunderstanding, separation
Comb – Fraud
Circle – Success, wedding.
Circle with a dot – baby is expected
Circle and three points a son is expected
Jacket – a friendship or partnership has come to an end
Envelope – good news
Waterfall – love, happiness, prosperity
Monster – internal fears
Key – new opportunities and issues
Pipe – a worrying problem solved
Daisy – singles: new love, married: great happiness
OAR – Help in serious condition
Triangle – an inheritance, an unexpected money
Saw – friends or relatives interfere in your life and make troubles  between you and your partner

Harp – Harmony Home affairs
Feather – inconsistent work
Snake – a bad sign, hate
Ant – Success caused perseverance
shoe – change for the better
Hawk – trouble because someone jealous of you
Point – a point emphasizes the importance of next form
Candle – happy married
Eagle – Change the place of residence

Crescent – Travel
Scale – promotion, efforts bearing fruit
Horse racing – good news, just head of a horse: a love affair
Cigar – Introducing new friends
A question mark – you must be careful
Boat – a friend’s visit, protection from danger
Knife – a friendship destroyed, lovers that have been separated
Basket – gift, new burn baby
Cup – you will be paid for your work
An open book – a future success, Closed book: hard Studies or exam

Earrings – misunderstandings
Raven – Bad news
Bat – disappointments, treacherous friends
Eye – get over difficulties, protection of troubles
Spider –payment of hard work
Mouse – theft
Leaf – the future prosperity
Grape leaf – trusted friend
Page – a raise, promotion
Grapes – Happiness
Clouds – impending disaster
Tree – recovery from illness ambition fulfilled
Conifers – mostly successful artistic professions
Scorpio – Enemy

Dagger – envious person who  wants to cause you trouble
Hammer – an unpleasant job, obstacles to be overcome
Death – failures in business
elephant  – wisdom, strength, success for long time
Face – Change, failure
Bell – unexpected news
Profile – a new friendship
Flower – wishes fulfillment
Fruit – Prosperity
horseshoe- good health, economic improvement
Butterfly – fickle, frivolous

Turtle – a useful review
Deer – an argument
Birds – good news
Cross – trouble, poor health
Jar – a friend needs your advice or your help
Frog – a change at work or place of residence
Bunch of flowers – a happy marriage
Wasp – Love Trouble

Kettle – light disease
Shell – good news
Thorn – a flatterer person who intends to do evil
Box with lid open – a romantic problem will be solved soon
Box with lid closed – you’ll find something once thought it lost
Legumes – financial problems
Vault – lost, stolen
Kangaroo – Harmony at home
Birds Nest – love, harmony at home
Train car – Wedding
Glacier – a danger
Horn (musical instrument) – Hard work and perseverance will lead to a successful outcome
Spectrum (sky) – happiness and prosperity in the future
Bow and arrow (or just bow) – Following the scandal and gossip Love Affair

Initials (on a sign, card, etc.) – usually friends and acquaintances, with a triangle: a unknown person yet
Gun (square) – trouble, fights, limitations and failures
Table – a new successful friendship, social event
Desk – an unexpected letter which contains probably good news
Fox – friend or acquaintance cunning hypocrite
Taurus – Hostile,
Rows – a progress (especially when the  lines clear and straight)
Ross – great success and popularity
Bush – new opportunities, new friends
Skeleton – financial loss
Sun – happiness, success and power
Clock – improving health or business
Hourglass – dont delay a decision that stands before you
Gate – an unexpected opportunity, happiness in the future
Rabbit – be brave
Fern (plant) – infidelity
Chain – engagement or wedding

Musical notes – Luck
Parrot – Travel
Drum – claims
Cannon – good luck, someone news from a military or governmental office
Closed bag- enemies seek to capture you
Open bag – you can escape the danger
Curl – obstacles to be overcome
Clover (plant) – a sign of good luck
Octopus – Danger
Crocodile – betrayal
Apple – Achievement
Chicken – Homely  happiness